Bryce James

According to the proverb, apples don’t fall far from the tree. As an example, look no further than Bryce James, LeBron James’ youngest son. The 14-year-old son of NBA legend LeBron James is Bryce James, one of the greatest players of all time. His father left a legacy for him, and he is continuing those traditions.

Early Life

On the 14th of June in 2007, as America was raging over an NBA Final, LeBron was admitted to an inpatient hospital waiting on Savanna Briston. She was bringing their greatest happiness to the world. Among their newest superstars is Bryce James, who was born in Cleaveland, Ohio. Chris Paul, who was the one to take LeBron to the hospital, later turned out to be the boy’s godfather. The following day even though they lost their final game in the last game against Spurs, LeBron was undeniably the happiest person on earth.

Bryce is the second child to his sportsman’s parents. His brother Bronny who is constantly in the media spotlight, and his sister Zhuri reside at Brentwood, Los Angeles, the USA.

Bryce James Age, height, and weight

Basketball is an intensely physical game that requires the perfect height and weight to gain an edge, avoid injuries and create more precise shots in games. This is a critical element in determining one’s sporting ability shortly. Bryce, however, was born with a highly physically gifted physique, sporting an impressive size of five feet and six inches with a weight of 55 kilograms at 14 years old. As we mentioned that his body is akin to his father’s, he’s predicted to be a top athlete since he experienced rapid growth.


You cannot declare yourself to be a basketball fan without knowing LeBron James. He has broken many records, is considered one of the most outstanding players of NBA time, and is frequently considered a cross between Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant. In the same way, LeBron has earned four titles and made it to the NBA finals for eight straight years, and has also won 4 NBA Final MVPs. Thus, he has certainly been living up to “King James.’

Savannah is an accomplished entrepreneur and interior designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Brinson was a softball player as well as a cheerleader at high school. LeBron, along with Savannah, is the adorable high school sweethearts who later wed in 2013 and lived happily as a married couple. His elder sister, Bronny James, is perhaps the most famous basketball player from high school across the United States. Similar to that, Zhuri James is seven years older than Bryce, a student at Sierra Canyon School. She has her YouTube channel called “All things Zhuri.


He has praised and declared Bryce as the best player in his family on numerous occasions. In addition to basketball, he’s also attracted to soccer. He showed his potential on the basketball court and as a keeper to carry on his father’s tradition when he was nine, pursuing the basketball prep circuit. He also received offers from various NCAA Division 1 colleges. Through the years, Bryce has dominated the AAU scene through his impressive shooting skills and passing abilities.

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Although we had no idea regarding him at the time, he quickly became an issue with people after the match in December, drawing the attention of those who watched. James was praised extensively for his superb ball-handling abilities and athleticism. He is studying in Sierra Canyon and is pursuing the basketball profession. He is playing with the youth 15U Strive for the Greatness Squad as an offensive guard. While Bryce hasn’t been as well-known as James, his younger brother has received more attention. However, the public expects him to outdo those in his family James family and be the king of the hill within the next few months.

Personal Life

Bryce James, a young teenager who just reached puberty, is certainly too young to be dating. However, on the contrary, his charm is unquestionable, and it’s not surprising to see a crowd of girls who are swooning over his image. If he’s found his lover, however, the fact is that it remains hidden from the general public. In addition the fact that he’s been focused and focused on his professional and personal life and has remained a lone figure in the online community until today.

Bryce James Girlfriend & Controversy

Bryce Maximus James’s Net Worth

His family lives in a lovely house where the aspiring basketball star dreams of becoming a star. A room in which he and his father live with their father and siblings is where he lives with them. Furthermore, he owns automobiles and devices branded by him. As a professional, he is still battling and working hard to maintain a reputable standing. As a result of his parents’ fortune, he would inherit a substantial amount. The estimated net worth of Bryce Maximus James is USD 1 million (approximately) as of 2022.

Social Media

Bryce is a newcomer on Instagram. Because of the fears of the brutal online community, His parents wouldn’t let their children establish the account on Instagram until they reached the age of 14. account until they reached the age of 14. Once he had reached the age of 30, his father welcomed him into Instagram. Instagram world. At the moment, James has 402 thousand followers and has thousands of likes for each post.

Furthermore, he appears to be drawn to Tiktok because it’s given him an appropriate platform to display his passion for dancing with various dance moves. From family dancing to playing in the home or playing with the kids through Tiktok, the man has displayed his personality in many ways and his extended family.