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Market Overview –

The value of the global hand sanitizer market is projecte to rise from $20.98 Billion in 2021 to $96.70B by 2028. (2022 – 2028).

Sanitizing products for the hands are cosmetics that kill or neutralize pathogens on the skin, making them ideal for usage before and after touching someone’s mouth or food. Skin sanitization treatments are seeing increase demand around the world as people become more health conscious about their personal cleanliness. Manufacturers are putting a lot of time and energy into developing new disinfecting solutions that use newer beneficial elements like Aloe Vera, Tea oil, and others to provide more protective hygiene solutions. C

ompanies invest much in research and development of new skin cleansers such foam, gel, liquid, and sprays in order to attract clients. Companies like Unilever and P&G, which are major players in the skin cleansing accessories industry, are using merger and acquisition methods, as well as television and internet marketing strategies, to increase their brands and their businesses, fueling the market’s expansion over the coming years.

Impact of the COVID-19 –

A greater emphasis on hand hygiene and sanitation, as well as an increase in the installation of sanitizing stations in public places like offices, workspaces, hospitals, schools, malls, airports, railway stations, and others, has benefiter the hand sanitizer dispenser industry as the current pandemic continues. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers are expanding as a result of the skyrocketing demand for the product.

Gojo Industries, Inc. has reorganize its supply chain and increase production in preparation for a demand for hand sanitizer that will emcee levels seen before the epidemic. Purell, a hand sanitizer manufacture by Gojo Industries Inc., claims that consumers would continue to put a premium on hand hygiene even after the pandemic has passes. It follows that as the need for hand sanitizer grows, so will the need for sanitizing dispensers. For instance, a recent GP PRO poll indicates an uptick in interest in touchless hand sanitizer dispensers for use in public spaces.

According to the results, nearly all purchasers intend to put the sanitizer to use. The use of hand sanitizer dispensers in the house is a popular trend right now, with many individuals installing these devices as an extra precaution. Demand for hand sanitizer dispensers is also likely to surge globally as economies make plans to resume operations. Market growth for hand sanitizer dispensers is anticipate both during and after the current pandemic, thanks to rising concerns about health and sanitation and the rising demand for hand sanitizer, as well as significant investment by renown manufacturers in improve technologies.

Market Dynamics –

Government initiatives to increase awareness of the need of personal hygiene are a major force in the development of this market. The expansion of the business is being aide by a number of government initiatives aim at improving citizens’ attention to sanitation and hygiene. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) promote the need of maintaining clean hands with a campaign title “Seconds Save Lives, Clean Your Hands!” in May of 2021. In addition, increasing recommendations from doctors and health groups to practise good hygiene are increasing interest in personal care and influencing the market for skin cleaning products.

There has been a rise in the number of residential and commercial establishments, as well as institutional establishments like schools and hospitals. The proliferation of new department stores, shopping centres, and specialty shops is increasing consumer demand for personal care products and driving the industry forward. There is an increase in the demand for aromatic hand cleansers because of the increasing popularity of scene cosmetics and personal care products.

Market Size and Forecast –

The rising fear of a global pandemic of communicable diseases including Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ebola virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and others is driving growth in the global hand sanitizer market.

Some of the factors that are expects to contribute to the expansion of the global hand sanitizer market include the rising demand for health and wellness products and the changing preferences of customers toward more convenient hygiene products.

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The wellness business as a whole generate USD 575 billion in 2018, with a 12.7% share coming from preventative and customise medicine and public health, as reporter by the Global Wellness Institute’s GWI Global Wellness Economy Monitor.

Predictions for the worldwide hand sanitizer market indicate a healthy CAGR for the years 2020–2028. Gel sanitizers are expects to have the largest market share due to their high penetration rate into the skin, ease of application due to their thin and watery formulation, and ability to effectively kill a wide variety of microbial germs. The market is divide into several subsegments base on the type of product use, including liquid, gel, wipes, spray, foam, and others. Another factor expects to boost this sector of the global hand sanitizers market is the abundance of raw materials need to produce these products.

Competitive Landscape –

Prominent players are focusing on developing partnerships to widen their product portfolio and offering advance products to enhance their market share in the global market. For instance:

Key Market Players –

3M Company
Best Sanitizers Inc.
Byotrol plc
Chattem Inc.
GOJO Industries Inc.
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
The Dial Corporation
Lion Corporation
Medline Industries Inc.
Nice-Pak Products Inc.

By Type –

Foaming Hand Sanitizers
Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer
Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel
Spray Hand Sanitizer

By Applications –


By Regions –

North America
Latin America
East Asia
South Asia

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