makeup mirror

Have you been sitting in front of your normal mirror for hours with your makeup kit and still not able to get that flawless finish? Do you always have to deal with eye strain because of focusing too much on those little pores and flaws in your makeup? Well, if this sounds like your own makeup trouble pack, all that you might need is a makeup mirror. 

You must have seen makeup mirrors being used in vanity vans and for all those celebrities who are trying to look screen ready. But makeup mirrors are no more confined to TV sets and Hollywood as they have become ubiquitous and the most demanded makeup tool by the masses. The way a simple makeup mirror is going to spruce up your makeup application is going to leave you speechless. 

The best part is a makeup mirror is never going to cost you an arm and a leg since, with its popularity among the masses, the prices have dropped down. Even while on a budget, you can easily shop for the best makeup mirror in the market. 

But before beginning your hunt for a makeup mirror, you need to understand why you need a makeup mirror in the first place. Let’s try to find the answer to this question. 

What is a makeup mirror?

Before we delve into the benefits of makeup mirrors, we need to understand which components of a makeup mirror make it different from the normal mirror that is present in almost everyone’s house. This will make you appreciate the makeup mirror with a clearer picture of this highly functional mirror in your mind.

A makeup mirror is completely different from a handheld mirror or a basic compact mirror. It’s true that you can search and find compact makeup mirrors in the market but still they will need additional features like magnifying mirrors and LED lights to become eligible to be called a makeup mirror with lights.  

The main objective of a makeup mirror is to use all the features of a vanity mirror and add some additional things to level up your makeup game. For example, while using a makeup mirror with lights, you always know whether the foundation strikes a perfect balance with your skin tone even when you are sitting in a room that doesn’t have natural light. 

Both light-up magnifying mirrors and LED makeup mirrors can be called makeup mirrors. You can think of a makeup mirror as a special kind of mirror with additional features to improve your makeup application. 

Why do you need a makeup mirror?

Detailed view 

A 4 panel wall mirror with additional features has the capability to help you in making the most of your makeup application. On one side, the LED lights attached to makeup mirrors mimic the natural light while on the other side, the magnifying feature of the mirror gives you a detailed view of your makeup application. 

A makeup mirror with magnifying features allows you to see every single pore on your skin while you are using foundation, eye linger, or any other kind of makeup product. This is what offers a flawless finish. 

Improved lighting 

Lighting can be the difference between a splendid makeup application and makeup blunders. When you have a 4 panel wall mirror with LED lights, you don’t have to compromise on a flawless makeup look just because you don’t have tons of sunlight in your room. 

But makeup mirrors are not bathroom mirrors, since, in the case of makeup mirrors, only natural lights are used to mimic the sunlight. This is what gives you a more pristine representation of what you will look like when there will go out in the natural light. 

While using makeup mirrors, there is no need to worry about how you will look in front of the mirror and how other people will see you. This is what makes makeup mirrors a necessity in everyone’s house. 

Improved eye health 

While almost all makeup artists will suggest you use a makeup mirror to improve makeup application, there are other benefits of this special mirror as well. When you have the right magnifying lens on your mirror and the right lighting, you don’t always have to come close to the mirror and strain your eye muscles to get a detailed view of your face. 

With good lighting, analyzing the details of your makeup application becomes a cakewalk and this is another reason to own a quality makeup mirror. 

Makeup application is a challenging job, especially when you don’t have the right mirror to give you a pristine look of your makeup application. With a makeup mirror, you get the right amount of LED light and the magnifying lens helps you to get a better view of your makeup application.