We can lose large amounts of money due to our shortsightedness, inattention, or our own habits – and often without even realizing it. Check if you are wasting your earned money.

1. Unused gym memberships

Starting from a new week, month or year, crowds of people rush into the hall, determined to change their appearance. However, a spontaneous decision can take a toll on your wallet.

As a rule, not everyone who has bought a subscription to a fitness club visits it regularly. If you pay 3,000 rubles a month for a subscription that you use several times a year, then for all the time you will practically waste 36,000 rubles.

Before purchasing a subscription, think in advance how often you will need it.

Try looking for cheaper or even free alternatives.

For case, in case you’ve got a bicycle, ride it to work. This will serve as a extraordinary work out for you and spare you a parcel of cash.

If you are already paying a monthly fee for a gym membership, but you understand that it is not profitable, cancel the contract. Please note that this is not so easy to do, so you should think twice before buying a subscription. Sometimes it is better to pay for a one-time visit to the club.

2. Expired food

Perhaps many of us bought a product, but did not have time to use it before the expiration date. For safety reasons, we, of course, throw away expired food. It turns out that money was misused on it.

Concurring to the American Chemistry Chamber, the normal American family tosses absent $640 worth of nourishment each year.

To avoid such mistakes, make weekly lists of necessary products and always take them with you to the store.

Check your fridge, cooler, and kitchen cabinets frequently to see what you as of now have.Get only the most necessary for the near future and try not to buy for the future. After all, it is quite possible that before the end of the expiration date you will not have time to eat all the stocks.

3. Excessive spending on trips to restaurants

It is always a pleasure to visit a cozy cafe or treat yourself to dinner in an expensive restaurant. However, too frequent trips to such establishments can result in serious financial losses.

The markup on food at catering establishments can reach up to 300%.

In this case, if you spend 30,000 rubles on restaurants and cafes a year, the same food cooked at home will cost you 22,500 rubles less.

You do not need to deliver up eating out through and through.Just try to reduce the cost of such outings and their number, especially if you are currently in saving mode.

4. Lack of pension contributions

Retirement savings will give you confidence in your own future. However, some unscrupulous employers do not make deductions, while the employee may not even know about it.

It is imperative to check whether your money is going to its destination.

Otherwise, you risk losing your hard-earned funds that should go to your retirement .

5. Slow investment growth

If you decide to invest in something, make sure that it will actually generate income and improve your financial situation.

Your net income will vary greatly depending on the choice of interest rate and term of the deposit.The lower the intrigued rate, the less cash you’ll be able to spare.It is better to calculate the effective rate in the bank itself or using a special calculator.

Carefully read all the conditions for opening a deposit.

The reserve fund will be your reliable support in case of unforeseen situations.

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