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Let’s talk about table tents in this article. I’m certain you’ve been in restaurants, banks, hotels, among other places.

When we think of the design of the table tent it’s essentially an image of a tree that is thought to be highly efficient in the field of marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of tables’ tents that restaurants use. Check them out!

It Is Effective For Promotion Purposes

They are mostly employed for restaurant; trade shows, seminars, conferences, and other events However, you can use them for promotion of your company.

Pyramid Tent Cards for restaurants are designed specifically for advertising in restaurants. Why are they so well-known?

Like other methods of marketing, they’re less costly and increase popularity of the product, create a distinctive look and are easy to distribute. No matter where they are, they can be placed wherever you like.

The Best Way To Promote The Promotion

Table tents are the best choice for advertising promotions. The reason they are successful opposed to other options is that they are able to grab the customers’ interest in a more effective manner and they are easy to set up in front of your customers so that they will be able to see them.

You can think of them as a way to attract attention. All you need to do is put up tables and tents in places in areas where patrons can easily see and your offers will not be denied by them.

You must ensure that you focus on one aspect of what your clients want from you, not what you’d like to give them.

Table Tent Printing

Why can’t some people get the results they want from tents? The primary reason is the quality of printing. No one, not even you, would like to see poor quality table tents that are damaged or printed for restaurant tables?

Therefore, you must be concerned about the quality of your printing. Make sure to choose the business that uses the top Hexagonal Tent Cards printing techniques so they can provide you with the most effective results.

The Best For Multipurpose Promotions.

The most appealing thing that I love about the table tents is that they can be used for the various promotions. Whatever you are trying to promote, you can attract attention to your product and maximise your earnings.

Custom-Designed Table Tents For Tables

Tents design for restaurant tables are great for restaurants and coffee shops. Table tents that are custom-design are the ideal option to opt for as they will help you fulfil your requirements with regards to table tents. 

Printing companies also provide Custom Table Tents. No matter what type of business they are a must and don’t have to embellish them as they look great with no decoration.

This is the primary reason restaurant table tents are to be extremely efficient.  All you have to do is search for the most reliable printing firm that will provide stylish table tents at cost-effective prices. If you’ve never used table tents for marketing your business, it is time to try these.

Learn The Value Of Table Tent Advertising

Table tents are triangular tri-fold, advertising or marketing pieces which are typically see in bars, restaurants as well as random counter tops.

They’re effective because due to their bulky form and the human instinct to grab them by our hands. People have become used to looking at tents for tables in large part due to our experiences at restaurants.

Have you been in a restaurant, and when you’re deciding what to order, you pick up the table tent advertising a particular.

But more important, how often have you actually purchased that particular item advertised in your table? I’ll guess just a handful of times.

Restaurant Table Tents: 4 Tips To Boost Your Sales

Pyramid Tent Cards
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A customer is sitting at a table in your restaurant. They’re waiting for menus to be serve and are looking to entertain themselves. What better way to entertain them than by putting up the table tent?

The use of table tents in restaurants is the best way to present your specials and promotions right before your customers, and help them get into the mindset of placing an order.

As they sit on the dining table they might not think about ordering drinks, an appetizer or something special or other item, but when it’s show to them prior to order they begin to think about it, possibly increasing sales.

1.) Select Your Promotion Carefully

When your average Tuesday evening client will be a mom who enjoys drinks and snacks with her female companions, table tents to advertise the dinner of a steak probably won’t get a lot of attention you’re probably better off with a more enjoyable appetizer or a classy cocktail, or perhaps dessert.

On the other hand, if your typical group on Monday nights is comprise of males who are watching soccer, then wings, and beer is a great option.

Consider these aspects when you are deciding on the right promotion for your table tents. Consider the demographics of your customers at any particular time during the week. Then attempt to reach them with specific promotions.

If you opt to use table tents to promote ongoing promotions, that are fine also, however, make sure the items you choose to advertise are ones that your customers frequently purchase and are likely to order for the next time.

2.) Make Sure You Are Sending The Right Message

After you’ve decided on your promotional idea then you’re ready to write the message. There’s a finite amount of space and much shorter time duration to catch the attention of your customers and attention, so observing basic guidelines in restaurant marketing and copywriting when creating table tents is essential.

Make sure you write an engaging title for the table and attempt to limit body copy to one single line at the most.

The description of your product or service should be in detail; However, you should only mention the essential details. If your clients have questions they’ll be asking, and that’s a great indication. After you’ve created your body text, don’t forget to add a call to action.

Sometimes, customers require a motivation to move to the next step. And an effective call-to-action could determine the success or failure of a purchase.

3.) Take Note Of The Design

Are you unsure of how to style for your own table? Take a break for lunch or dinner at an informal eatery and take a look at the table tents that you see.

If you come across a style you like, take notes. In the end, you’ll need to be unique however, looking at the other designs available can help get your creativity flowing.

It is also possible to search the internet for templates for table tents to gain an understanding of the content required and the best way to deal with the layout. It may be difficult to see the layout because of the folds that are inherent within the structure, however using a template can help.

Once you’ve narrowed your idea, it’s time to create your personal. Consider the colours, cool fonts and the images you’d like to include in you.

If you need help you can hire an independent graphic designer. The design you choose for the table tents can help in increasing sales.

4.) Invest in Printing

Pyramid Tent Cards
Image Sources : VC Print UK

If you are designing your table tent sundae for the summer, high-quality printing is the topmost priority. Don’t waste your time and energy going to waste making your own table tents by yourself or using a less detailed printer to do the job for you.

As a marketing tool for presentations table tents must be display in the most attractive way that is possible. Utilise high-quality stock, expert folding techniques, and vibrant colours. Leave enough space on the outside so that your content can stand out.

If you’re not a print expert, there’s no need to worry because there are many professional printing companies that will make your table tent template and provide all the necessary information and assist you in printing top table tents that are worth the budget.