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Living A Lovely Life takes work, but blogger Alison will tell you that it’s all worth it. She and her husband have three children and live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with their two dogs and three cats. This active family loves hiking, travelling the world (when they can), reading good books, and enjoying fresh food together around their table, which is usually accompanied by some craft beer (or both).

Find out more about what this lovely life looks like by reading Alison’s blog posts on everything from fitness challenges to DIY projects to their family’s favourite recipes and traditions.

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A Lovely Life Is

We are a family of four living the good life on the go. Weare exploring the world while raising healthy, happy kids. believe that you don’t have to compromise your values or your happiness to live an amazing life. From our family adventures to our favourite recipes, A Lovely Life is all about sharing what we love with you!

Our Mini Guide on How to Get Started with the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is an extremely low-carb way of eating that focuses on high-fat foods. Ketones are a product created in your body when breaking down fat (rather than glucose) as fuel.

As long as you are doing this properly, your body will enter ketosis – where it burns fat instead of sugar for energy. The ketogenic diet can be a great way to lose weight, feel good about yourself again, and improve many aspects of your health.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get started with the ketogenic diet!

Why We Are Passionate About Health and Wellness

We are passionate about health and wellness because we want to lead a life that is worth living. Living a healthy lifestyle teaches you the importance of patience, kindness, and compassion—

the things that we find most valuable in life. We want to enjoy life with our friends and family, and live in the moment without fear of what might happen tomorrow. That’s why we blog about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle; not only so you can learn more but also because it makes us happy just knowing that you’re reading our posts!

Where We Came From

My husband and I both have been entrepreneurs for a number of years. We have started many businesses together but never had one that we could call our own. At the end of 2013, we decided to create A Lovely Life. We wanted it to be a place where people could find inspiring content on luxury travel, fitness, food, and lifestyle topics.

The blog was born from our personal interest in these topics as well as wanting to share. All the amazing things that inspire us with others who are interested in similar things.

What We Have Learned In The Past Few Years

It has been a couple of years since we started our blog A Lovely Life. We have learned so much in that time about blogging, about life, and about ourselves. We have also learned a lot of lessons the hard way- like when we underestimated how popular our blog posts could be and didn’t purchase enough domain names for all of them (oops).

We’ve also realized that it is okay to take a break from blogging from time to time or not. Post as often as you want- everyone needs some downtime! And now we’re really excited to share these lessons with others who are starting out on their own blogs.

Advice & Tricks To Get The Most Out Of This Site

Greetings and welcome to A Lovely Life! I’m so glad you found us. We’re a lifestyle blog that chronicles our family’s adventures in luxury travel, fitness, food & drink, style, the home & more.

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In this post, I’ve shared my favourite strategies for staying focused on what matters most to me. The first step in living a more balanced life is to identify the things that are most important. Once you know what you want to prioritize, it’s time to come up with a plan for how to achieve it. Remember that your family comes first –

make sure you’re taking care of them so they can take care of you. If there’s something important that needs your attention but falls outside your circle of priorities.

Make sure it doesn’t get pushed down the list until the end of your life! Finally, find ways to be proactive about the things you want in life – don’t wait for opportunities or luck; create your own luck!