Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token

Amid the flurry of meme tokens and craze coins, BAT is one of the rising tokens that promise sound utility. Launched in 2017, BAT aka Basic Attention Token was founded by the leading co-founder of a legendary web browser. Developed atop Ethereum blockchain, BAT serves as the in-house native token of the new revolutionary Brave browser. Designed to disrupt the digital advertising scene and for better, Brave and BAT are aimed to scale up fairness, efficiency, and security in the digital ad landscape through cutting-edge blockchain technology. Driven by utility principles, Basic Attention Token has already garnered kudos for its mission and is poised to be one of the most promising in near future.

Key facts about Basic Attention Token

● BAT is a fast rising utility token
● BAT was founded in 2015
● Total supply of BAT token is 1.5 billion
● BAT ICO in 2017 took the world by storm by getting sold out completely in less than 30 seconds, raising a whopping 35 million USD
● New users get free BAT tokens for downloading Brave Browser
● Basic Attention Token hit ATH in 2021 (1.65 USD)
● Basic Attention Token is currently held in 368k+ active wallets

Revolutionizing digital advertising

Basic Attention Token, essentially, is engineered to resolve the typical problems that are plaguing the current digital advertising landscape.
Below is a brief on the problems faced by the existing digital ad industry. It will be followed by a discussion on how Basic Attention Token and Brave aims to resolve the issues.

Problems of digital ad industry

According to the BAT team, the current practices followed in digital ad space are not only creating an issue for users but also for advertisers and publishers. Users are compelled to watch misleading ads that not only waste their time but also inflict dangerous malware in their system. The whole malware glitch has further affected the credibility of advertisers and publishers.
Steep dip in revenue is another concern for legacy publishers. Leading search engines are taking up hefty commissions that affect a major chunk of revenue generated by the publishers. As these platforms run a monopoly in the ad world, most of the advertisers lack effective targeting methods for strategic delivery of ad content.

Solving the problems

BAT developers are looking forward to resolving the problems by tracking user interaction and storing advertising data on blockchain ledger. As per the Basic Attention Team officials, user-interaction tracking will reveal the specific interests and preferences of each user. This information will be further utilized to display only the most relevant ads to each user on Brave browser.
The tracking quotient will help publishers to come up with more efficient contents that will be able to garner improved rate of user attention. Publishers will be rewarded with BAT tokens for increased rate of user attention. Brave deploys cutting ML algorithms to ensure the perfect tailored ad display experience for users. It in turn benefits the publishers. More relevant the ad, the higher the rate of user attention will be. And an enhanced rate of user attention will bring in more BAT tokens for publishers. It will eventually enable advertisers to earn higher ROI. Besides, the Brave browser helps advertisers to reduce fraudulent activities.
● Brave is a privacy-centered and open-source browser which is engineered to block unwanted elements like malware, unnecessary cookies, and unwelcome trackers
● All data (related to user attention) collected by Brave is stored anonymously and safely on blockchain
● BAT assures fair distribution of ad money among publishers, advertisers, as well as the online visitors who watch the ads
The Basic Attention Token is used for both ad publishers and Brave users. It has already been mentioned that publishers are rewarded with Basic Attention Token. Interestingly, Brave rewards users too with BAT tokens. You will get units of Basic Attention Token for free just for taking part in the project.

Price prediction for Basic Attention Token (2022-2030)

As of June 22, 2022, Basic Attention Token is sitting at $0.36.
So, is BAT poised to rise further and if so, at what rate? Also, where would Basic Attention Token stand after 3 years or 7-8 years, say, 2030? If you are an inspiring investor in Basic Attention Token, it’s crucial to have a basic picture about the price predictions of the token.
2022- 2025
The Basic Attention Token is predicted to rise up over $0.50 by the fourth quarter of 2022. However, some experts have also predicted that after the rise, the BAT price might plummet down to, say, $0.44. As per the prediction, the average price of Basic Attention Token is estimated at $0.46 for the latter part of 2022.
For 2023, the prediction for BAT price is around $0.67. However, some experts are optimistic that the coin might even hike up to $0.81.
If market predictions are to be followed, Basic Attention Token is poised to rise up to $0.96 in 2024. In fact, the BAT token price might even cross the $1.00 mark in the coming two years. According to analysts, the Basic Attention Token price might reach $1.16 by the final quarter of 2024.
According to further predictions, the BAT price will hover within $1.00 to $2.00. It has been estimated that Basic Attention Token will reach around $1.44- the maximum price that the BAT token can reach in 2025 is something like $1.68.

However, that’s one set of predictions. According to some other analysts, Basic Attention Token might cross $2 in 2025. Another set of experts are expecting a dramatic rise in the coin price in 2025. According to them, BAT would surprise with a jaw-dropping 3,600% surge, reaching the $10 mark.
2026- 2030
On reaching 2026, Basic Attention Token is predicted to cross $2 for sure. The estimated BAT price for 2026 is around $2.11 – $2.50.
In 2027, Basic Attention Token is predicted to reach the $3 mark. The token price is estimated to hover around $3.15 – $3.65.
The BAT token is expected to cross $4 or even $5 in 2028. According to experts, the Basic Attention Token price will be around $4.50-$5.35 that year. In 2029, the analysts are expecting the BAT token to cross $6. The estimated price of the token for 2029 is around $6.66-$7.71.
In 2030, Basic Attention Token is poised to reach nearly $9.66. However, experts have also predicted a further hike that might allow the coin to surpass $11.

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