Java technology is a vast language with extensive power to operate on complex applications. But to increase productivity and save resources, we need IDE. Because this integrated development environment provides a variety of tools. However, some developers get confused to choose the best Java IDEs for development. And if you need a guide. Let’s get started.

Best Java IDEs for applications

Here are some of the top-used Java IDEs every developer should use.

IntelliJ IDEA

You can count on IntelliJ IDEA as one of the finest Java IDE. It maximizes the developer’s productivity for the project. There is no technical assistance because of extensive coding assistance. Moreover, it also offers code analysis, refactoring tools, assisting tools, etc. It is one of the best Java IDEs for commercial applications. Furthermore, it accommodates mission-critical tools for every framework. IntelliJ IDEA is available in two versions.


  • Savvy design: IntelliJ IDEA offers readily available symbols for your application. Along with the classes and methods in use. Moreover, it contributes to code completion in less time. 
  • Data analysis: It optimizes the data flow and manages applications at runtime. 
  • Language Injection: It allows you to inject any other language into your application.


Moving to another of the best Java IDEs for your application. It is a full-featured open-source IDE. And it has a large workspace with a large plugin system with customizable options. Its adaptability enables developers to create customized solutions. Furthermore, it contributes to the adaptability and robustness of your project. Java is extensible, adaptable, and compatible. Such as C#, PHP, C++, Python, PERL, etc.


  • Cross-platform: It is highly compatible with other languages like Linux, 

Mac os, Windows, etc.

  • Supports debugging: Eclipse works locally and remotely for debugging the apps.
  • Vast workspace: It allows users to manage and edit applications easily. 


Netbeans is another popular open-source Java IDE. Support of Apache helps in web and mobile apps. Such as C++, HTML, PHP, etc. It makes use of modules in the development of applications. NetBeans is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris. Furthermore, it presents an architecture with built-in tools. So, to add value to your SDLC cycle. You can hire Java developers for more technical guidance.


  • Smart assistance: It is a language-aware editor which detects and assists in smart completion.
  • Code analysis: NetBeans analyzes the code and extensively assists to optimize the code lines.
  • Accessible format: The smart feature allows easy project management feature.


Oracle has released yet another open-source ID. Because it supports app development in Java, SQL, PHP, HTML, and other languages. Furthermore, it has you covered from design to debugging to deployment. JDeveloper includes both visual and declarative editors. Furthermore, it allows you to edit applications from the coding environment. You can hire Java developers for more technical guidance.


  • Extended tools: It offers an extensive range of development tools for developers.
  • Visual editors: JDevelopers allow appealing visual editors for a simple definition.
  • Accessible features: With easy drag and drop you can add many functionalities.


Last, but not least. It is an open-source best Java IDEs for educational-related apps. And usually for small-scale industries. However, it offers UI and tools to enhance the look of your website. So it eases the testing and user experience. And that too with high compatibility.


  • Interactive interface: Allows a streamlined interaction with features, objects, values, etc.
  • Portable platform: It allows an excellent platform connection with different OS.
  • Innovative IDE: BlueJ offers various features, scope, code, etc. 

Conclusion: Java IDEs streamlines your development process. And the above-mentioned popular IDEs will help you reap the best results. For more consideration, consult Java development services for your projects.