casual midi dress

Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Umer Malik

Ever wondered what you should wear for a night party which would give you an elegant look but at the same time make you feel comfortable and carefree as well?  There are numerous dresses in a woman’s closet but of them the comfiest and the stylish dresses are usually the ones bought from the high street women’s clothing section. There are various reasons behind this and one of the major reasons is the mindset that the current generation follows. Comfort has become the major concern be it for men or for the women folks and this has led to rise of high street women’s clothing such as casual midi dresses, jumpsuits, fit and flare skirts, etc.

In this article we will be discussing the various kinds of midi dresses such as the printed midi dress, floral printed midi dress, block printed midi dress, etc and how you should style them according to your body shape and size.

For Petite Bodied Individuals

Petite bodi-ed individuals have a lot of options to choose from but, there are a few things that must be kept in mind such as the prints, the colours, designs, etc. For bodies like this, the single colour-ed of monochromatic dresses should be chosen. The block colours used in these dresses will act like an illusion and add to the length of the dress. Individuals wearing dresses with a single block colour look tall as it creates an illusion of height too. The single slit in the dress too will act as perfect choice and a side slit too helps in the illusion of creating a height along with the block colour used.

Additionally, you can pair your casual midi dress up either with the colourless strappy heels or with a skin-coloured heels which would not only add to the height in reality but also at the same time create an illusion of the height as well. Individuals with this body size should also make it a point to go for high low hemlines rather than going for an all-equal hemline as a high low hemline will provide you with a balanced outlook. While, going for an all-equal hemline will look like the person is overwhelm-ed with the size of the dress.

For Tall Body Individuals

People with tall bodies have an added benefit of their height which usually makes them stand out in comparison to average or the petite bodied individuals. But every coin has two faces and the same is the case with these lady- long-legs as well. Individuals with this kind of body shape though look tall and elegant in any dress that they wear but in case of casual midi dresses or high- street women’s clothing, the dresses are usually little oversized or need a statement piece to keep them in place. Tall bodi-ed individuals must go for dresses which are body hugging or are flared towards the end.

The body fitted dresses help in keeping up with the figure and the design of the dress while a flared dress will help in compensating the total height thereby adding to the volume and the width too. Tall bodi-ed women, since they already have the add-ed benefit of the extra height can take the liberty of wearing flats and still look tall while on other occasions, heels with an average heel can be us-ed.

For Individuals with Pear Shaped Bodies

Pear shaped bodies require a little extra effort when it comes to choosing the perfect dress that the individual should wear. While every body is perfect in its own way, there are certain dresses which require a little more attention over a certain body in comparison to the others. Casual midi dresses over a pear-shaped individual will add to the overall beauty and elegance only when the right dress is chosen. Individuals with this kind of body shape must resort to flared bottomed midi dresses in order to keep a balance in the overall body. High pencil heels or platform heel can be chosen in order to complete the overall look.

Summing Up

High street women’s clothing is in trend in recent years and dresses such as casual midi dresses, printed midi dresses, jumpsuits, etc are included in this. There are numerous ways to mix, match and pair up a dress in order to get the perfect look and here were a few tips regarding what kind of casual midi dresses would suit a certain body type. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yours now.