Cost of living in Manchester

Cost of living in Manchester

Manchester is a prominent city in the United Kingdom. It is recognized for its culture, customs, and work prospects for ex-pats and students seeking higher education. However, the average cost of living in Manchester is $2366 for a family or couple, $1258 for students, and $909. Rental expenditures for a family of three people and a couple are $2232, $1186 for students, and $837 for one person, according to data from our users on the cost offline website calculator. Manchester’s cost of living is mainly location-specific, with an average monthly rent of $1810 for a flat or home in a specific area.

Manchester, New Hampshire, has a 10% higher cost of living than the rest of the country. Your career, the local real estate market, and the area’s average wage can all impact how much it costs to live there. You can learn more about how your particular demands will be considered when starting your investigation to determine how much it would cost you to relocate using PayScale’s cost of living calculator.

Are wages in Manchester lower than in London?

Salary. First off, given that London is the capital, it shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that the average wage there is 28% greater than the national average. Overall average income for IT professionals is £57,000 in London vs £45,000 in Manchester, while for software developers it is £48,000 in London versus £37,000 in Manchester.

Is it costly to live in Manchester?

Manchester is part of the Boston Metro Div. The metro region ranks 7th in terms of cost of living among 273 cities in the United States. Manchester’s cost of living is 150.3 percent higher than the national average, making it one of the most expensive cities in the country. Your monthly expenses, including rent, food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare, are included in your monthly budget. Your monthly cost may differ depending on your household composition (married or single, number of children) and ownership status (rent versus own).

Housing Costs in Manchester, Vermont

Housing costs are among the most expensive components of life in Manchester, Vermont. It is more costly to own a house in Manchester than the national average of $204,900, $419,600. The cost of renting is more minor than purchasing a home. More than half of Manchester’s occupied housing is leased, compared to the national average of 36.2%. Manchester rents for an average of $470 a month, higher than the national average of $1,023 a month.

Local incomes are significant financial factors affecting housing affordability and house value. There is a range of affordability ratios for housing in the US, from 1.0 in the least costly communities to more than 10.0 in the most expensive neighborhoods. Manchester’s average household income is $29,188, or 14.4 times the median property value.


The essential portion of your living cost in the UK is accommodation, which accounts for most of your expenses. Students can live on campus in university residence halls, private apartments, communal housing or dormitories, or local homes. The most common kind of lodging for international students is halls of residence.

Your monthly cost of living in the UK may vary based on the city you reside in and the type of accommodation you have. It might be more expensive to live in a place like London or Brighton than it would be to live in Aberdeen or Manchester, for example.

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Transportation Costs in Manchester, Vermont

Costs associated with transportation can make up a substantial portion of the total cost of living. 74.00 percent of commuters in Manchester drive to work, compared to 85.5 percent overall. A record 58.70 percent of Manchester employees commute to work outside the city, a higher percentage than the national average of only 43.7 percent of commuters who earn their living elsewhere. Manchester’s average travel time is 13.7 minutes, compared to a national average of 26.6 minutes. According to the EPI, a single person in Manchester spends more on transportation than the typical American ($9,760) when considering the cost of gas, public transportation, and vehicle upkeep.


In university, you are studying, reading, and taking exams aren’t everything. By participating in certain leisure activities, you can expand your social circle and learn more about the culture of the country you are visiting. As a result, while considering living expenditures in the UK for Indian students, you should factor in the cost of recreational activities.


Food represents a significant portion of your monthly living expenses in the UK. Cooking your meals rather than going to expensive restaurants might help you save money on food. Eating out daily can significantly raise your spending and be rather costly. Several Indian grocery stores sell all of the elements for an Indian dish in the UK so that Indian students may prepare their meals. Consequently, Indian students may be able to cover the cost of living in the UK.

How much money must you earn to live in Manchester?

 A single adult should be able to live in Manchester on a 27,000 GBP yearly salary, which is the average in the UK.

In Manchester, what is a living wage?

Living costs are better estimated by the median household income of a city. With a median household income of zero, Manchester has a % lower household income than the average for the state. City residents have an average income of $0, which is a % lower than the average for the state.