100 virgin human hair extensions

If you want quick makeovers, you’ll appreciate having gorgeous synthetic hair extensions for crochet braids, which give an amazing look to your tresses. Synthetic crochet extensions are vibrant, colorful, elegant, and super simple to put on. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, they also help you protect your natural hair without te need for an expensive salon visit. 

Check out our top 7 synthetic hair extension crochet braiding hair ideas to make you feel great every time you go out:

#1 Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

Twists are an excellent way to change your crochet style. Choose between a bigger crochet twist for a faux dreadlock effect and thinner crochet twists for a more sophisticated everyday look. Why not give your hair a little edge with the Senegalese twist crochet? The synthetic hair crochet braid will leave you with a gorgeous result. This remy hair extension is simple to put on and remove. Crochet twists are sleek, don’t tangle, untwist, or frizz, and are constructed of synthetic fiber that can endure high temperatures. You can curl them into full-bodied curls or waves for a beautiful look.

#2 Goddess Crochet Braids

Goddess Locs Crochet Hair is a stunning crochet braided hairstyle. This crochet hair braid is simple to achieve with synthetic hair extensions. Buy synthetic hair extensions that offer tight curls on top and lovely, loose waves on the bottom. These extensions will give your hair a natural look that you can wear on any occasion and make you feel like a Goddess. Although you’re wearing synthetic hair extensions, the silky, soft, smooth, and lustrous locks will give you the perfect natural look.

#3 Springy Twisty Crochet Braids

You need a synthetic hair extension to flaunt this hair idea flawlessly. Don’t worry about how much synthetic hair costs– you can get springy braiding hair at a shockingly reasonable price. You can wear springy hair extensions at any time of year because they are natural-looking and tangle-free. This set of crochet braids is bouncy, soft, compact, and simple to wear and manage. With numerous packs of these extensions, the springy curls will flare out towards the back of your head, giving you an elegant braided effect. The number of packs you use depends on the thickness of your hair and the thickness of the crochet braid you want.

#4 Miniature Crochet Braids

Here is another fun crochet braid idea to try with synthetic hair extensions. Start with the beehive pattern to get the incredibly stylish yet complicated look of micro crochet braids. Finish your micro braids before commencing the crocheting procedure for easy installation. While the style is full of fun and beauty, it is perfect for special occasions.

#5 Bohemian Crochet Braids

Bohemian crochet braids have tighter curls than many other crochet braids, yet they’re just as beautiful. These ultra-long or elegantly short curls have a very natural appearance. Individual curls are definite in bohemian crochet braids, which seem extremely natural. However, the curls may vary slightly from brand to brand, so you may need to buy synthetic hair extensions after careful speculation. Go for what you like.  

#6 Havana Twist Crochet Braids

Havana twist crochet braids are similar to Senegalese twists but are much larger. It is the perfect crochet style to achieve a bold look as they are larger. You can create ultra-cool Havana twists within an hour with synthetic hair extensions.


Crochet braids are the perfect way to achieve stunning hairstyles for any occasion. Apart from that, they are versatile protective styles that will protect your natural hair from cold, heat, and rain. You will receive the best reward if you show your locks and synthetic hair extensions online some love. If you need a high-quality hair extension, then check out Diva Divine Hair online or in-store.