If you’re a Business Owner, Executive or Professional it’s a pretty safe bet that you share this objective. Pretty basic don’t you think? Now, the hard part is how we obtain these results in the current economy.

My main objective in this writing is to assist business owners and executives to think “outside of the box” when it comes to generating additional revenue and profits. As I visit and speak with area businesses there is a common trend that I have noticed. It seems that businesses dedicate a tremendous amount of capital and resources to attract new clients. One executive I spoke with told me he spends about $100 per lead. That’s per lead generated by their android digital signage TV advertising, not a confirmed new client/sale. That of course does not include print, canvassing, or other types of advertising.

As I was researching for this article I came across many interesting studies and statistics. A study by the American Academy of Advertising noted that only 7% of TV viewers attended to a commercial break (6% ignored and 86% actively avoided). Think of all that money being spent by business to reach only 7% of the audience. As for myself, either I hit the mute button or surf to another channel. How about you?

We are so overloaded that most conventional advertising becomes nothing more than noise. Whether it is someone screaming at us on TV, someone stopping in our business to introduce their products or services or someone dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume waving a sign at us as we drive by, we tend to automatically shut them down and close off their message.

Other studies show that the costs of attracting new clients and customers range anywhere from 5 to 8 times more than the costs incurred to keep and expand existing clients or customers.

One way to increase revenue and attract new clients is by referrals, existing clients that will recommend your product or service to family and friends.

Another way is to employ Digital Signage, a network of digital displays (LCD or Plasma) that is centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainment, merchandising and advertising.

Why Should You Employ Digital Signage?

No matter the industry, digital signage solutions give companies the ability to build loyalty and brand awareness, enrich customer experience, and drive bottom-line results. The effect is both increased referrals and increased Point of Purchase sales.

The key is reaching out to customers at the Point of Sale (POS) through digital displays, videos, employee interaction or all three. Those enticements at the register pay large dividends, totaling $20 billion in additional revenue annually for businesses nationwide, according to research by Promo Magazine.

According to the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), approximately 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase.

How can Digital Signage Benefit Your Business?

Increase Revenue

Businesses find measurable increases in incremental revenue associated with digitally displayed products and services not generally known by the customer. Emphasize specific high margin items, specials and limited offers in real-time. Promote and up-sell featured products at point of purchase.

Businesses can also earn money with their digital signage network by selling advertising space to their suppliers.

Augment sales staff

While your staff may be busy actively servicing your customer’s, digital signage provides a mix of brand offers, dealer specials, seasonal promotions, and other informational advertising

Wait time

Well-positioned digital signage helps to keep a waiting customer informed and attention diverted to make wait time seem shorter. Restaurants, Clubs, can place them in their waiting area, advertising the specials, upcoming events and promotions.

Customer Expectation

Meets customer expectations: As customers grow to expect these types of promotional signage, companies must learn to align with customer expectations, and in the process will be able to present product and service information in a way customers have become accustomed to receiving it

Ensures Message management

Digital signage permits you to customize content to your clientele, thereby reaching them when they’re most responsive. Messages can be modified at any time with digital signage, keeping customers up to date on the latest products, sales, and specials offered by your company.

Delivering Stimulating Content Through Digital Signage in Retail

The current trend is hugely different from than what it was early on. Businesses now rely great deal on marketing and advertising their product to the consumer. How one advertises their product and also presents it to the audiences is a key to how one should extract their profit. Every business is striving hard to maintain their sales and promote their business to enhance their profit. Starting from small to even the larger retail stores in the market are with the current trends of digital signage in retail. Earlier it was static business on which the businesses were dependent on. With the start of dynamic and even a 3D future ahead, the potential looks different.

Digital signage

Digital signage in retail has moved from the world of static black and white aura to the colorful and rich as well as aurally stimulating changing content. This signage is able to influence the audience better. Furthermore, it is interactive. It is always easier to attract the look of a passing guest with a stimulating message. It is also significantly easier to draw the attention of the customers to the billboards, if it happens to be an interactive and interesting one. Digital signage always gives an added edge to the competitors. Businesses try to be innovative and add their own essential creative inputs. This gives maximum performance as well as results.

Digital signage in retail is very much in demand. Service providers are vastly moving into this zone. There are a number of services online. Most of them offer quality solution and installation service of digital signage. Some of these websites are hugely popular as well. They know how the audiences of a particular business should be tapped them. The team of players behind the IT line for developing the software carries the expertise and the knowledge behind it.

If someone is looking for the best business, then they should get to the service provider, and one who could identify with the problem. A lot of research is necessary in this regard because one needs to study the market, before they can put anything within. Before picking the service provider it is necessary to get a few on the list and compare their services together to have a better idea on what they are about to offer, what are the terms and what is the overall cost.

If you can get some additional information and choose anything reliable in this regard, then it is best to pick one which has got additional menu board recommendations. Reliable digital signage provider offer best value on the services. The products that are offered in this regard are quite variable. Through digital signage one can put up interactive marketing plan through hoardings, flags, billboards and banners. The medium is quite creative, innovative, and one which can easily grab attention.

The primary things to look out here is quality installation, backup service and the options of the products, which are available. The display signs that are used here are all quality products for the consumer. The designs are all eye-catching. A number of materials are used for the signage.