Packaging Materials

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Jawad Ali

Moving into a new house can be a challenging task, not only because it demands the ability to adapt and get used to the new environment but also because of the whole process involved in this shifting. The number of items that you have acquired till date, must all be carried to the new place that too with utmost safety and precaution. Most of the times, people consider going for hiring a mover and packers’ company, while others opt for packing them on their own. As there are pros and cons of every situation, same is the case with this as well.

If you go for hiring a packaging company, they will no doubt pack your items in the most brilliant way possible but, once the items are packed you will lose track of the times and their boxes. The best way to avoid this problem is to go for packing things on your own. Sounds a bit hectic but will be worth it when you arrive to the new place with your items.

So, this article is all about the various kinds of packaging materials which will be required from the packaging suppliers before you start your packaging journey.

Cardboard Removal Boxes

The cardboard removal boxes are the most frequently used and the most important packaging material which will be required to kick start your packaging journey. These moving boxes in UK are easily available in any offline store selling the packaging materials or you can also easily get them delivered from various websites as well such as packaging express, etc. They deliver the packaging supplies at your doorsteps in no time that too at very genuine rates. The cardboard boxes are basically made from recycled paper and therefore does not cause any harm to the environment also at the same time, they are strong and sturdy enough to handle the weight up to 10 kgs easily.

Bubble Wrap Rolls

Bubble wraps roll is nothing but simply air-filled pockets in a polythene sheet. They are primarily used for keeping the items placed inside the cardboard boxes safe and jerk free. These air- filled pockets act like cushions or shock absorbers and therefore is used around fragile or delicate items so that they remain safe throughout the journey. Electronic items such as TV, fridge and other such items or other delicate items which require more care such as the chandeliers, mirrors, items made of glass, etc also require the protection of these bubble wraps.

Kraft Paper Rolls

The kraft paper roll is again a very important and essentially used item when packing your household items for transit. These kraft paper rolls are also made from recycled paper and therefore does not pose a threat to the environment. These kraft papers are used for covering various items which may have the probability of getting scratches or any other such damages while in transit. In order to maintain the lustre and the shine of the product as well, these kraft papers are widely used. Usually, the items which have the chances of getting damaged are wrapped in these kraft papers and then packed into the cardboard boxes along with air- pockets or bubble wraps, which will help you in making sure that your items reach the destination safely.

Packaging Tapes

The packaging tapes are something which will definitely not play a major role in keeping your items safe but will definitely make sure that they reach safely to your destination. These self-adhesive tapes are used for sealing the cardboard boxes and making sure that the items placed inside the box remain in the same position until they arrive at the desired location.

Summing Up

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for packing the household items of your house on you own. The first and the most important reason is that you will know which item has been kept in a certain box and can open up the boxes depending upon the priority. Secondly, packing them on your own will save a lot of bucks as these packaging materials bought from the packaging suppliers do not cost must but paying to the packaging company will surely burn a hole in your pocket.