How to Inspire Your Sales Team: Best Tips for 2023

According to Zippia, there are nearly three million salespeople in the United States alone. That’s not counting part-time sellers. Selling can be an exciting career, but it’s also full of immense challenges. 

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that 67% of salespeople struggle to hit their targets, and 33% find it difficult to stay motivated. As a manager or business owner, you play a pivotal role in inspiring and motivating your sales team. Here are some tips to help get your reps fired up and doing their best work.

Offer regular skill development classes

Reps who receive regular opportunities to sharpen their skills are more likely to stay motivated and engaged in their jobs. A study by the RAIN Group found that 87% of salespeople who attended training sessions reported increased motivation and improved performance. 

So, host regular sales training programs focusing on different aspects of their roles. Also, provide online courses and resources that reps can use to support independent skill development. Tie learning to the company’s goals and objectives so reps can see the tangible benefits of what they’re learning.

Give work a profound meaning

Research by the Harvard Business School found that people who feel good about their work and find it deeply meaningful are more motivated. They also tend to stay more committed for the long haul.

Crafting an impactful mission and value statement helps communicate the company’s vision. However, those only inspire sustained action once your salespeople understand their role. So, to instill a deep sense of purpose, enlighten your team on how they are a crucial piece of the vision. This can be achieved through storytelling.

Foster a strong team ethic

A study by the University of Stanford found that teamwork can be a game-changer for sales teams. The results showed that people are more driven to take on challenges when they feel like they are a vital part of a team.

So, it’s important for your salespeople to flow together and pull in the same direction. If your reps are ramming into each other at every turn, jostling to grab customers from each other, it could spell disaster for your business. 

The same energy can be better used propping each other up and feeding off each other’s skills to close sales faster and grow your business. Consider making team-building programs a regular part of your calendar to build camaraderie. For example, you can have quarterly retreats or monthly group exercises to improve your team’s rhythm. You can also reward reps for collaborating instead of always patting individual performers on the back.

Train your team to deal with setbacks

According to Sales Pro Insider, 6 out of 10 prospects need at least five follow-ups. With so many setbacks and objections from customers, salespeople can become dejected and disengaged. 

As a result, it’s critical to train your sales team how to bounce back from setbacks quickly. Consider having regular programs to hammer in key elements such as:

  • Looking for the lesson. After a failed sales call. your team can get caught up in disappointment. Show them how to use each setback as an experience to learn and grow.
  • Focusing on the wins. Help reps to keep track of the positives. Focusing on their successes, no matter how small, can help encourage and keep reps fired up.
  • Overcoming objections. When reps know how to persuade customers and overcome initial objections, they can build resilience. Every ‘no’ won’t look like the end of the road. This emotional stamina to take losses in their stride can help reps to keep going against the odds. 

Fire up your sales team in 2023

All in all, set up your team for success by highlighting their deeper purpose and valuable impact. It also helps to create team unity that allows reps to bring their skills together and hit targets better and faster. Finally, consider regular programs to train your salespeople to get a handle on setbacks and objections so they can stay fired up and ready to go.