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Iyanla Vanzant

Born in Brooklyn on September 13, 1953, Iyanla Vanzant is an American actress who is part-Nigerian. The most well-known of her accomplishments are her TV talk show “Iyanla: Fix My Life” and the numerous publications she has written. She is a motivational speaker, author, lawyer, television personality and a spiritual teacher.  Read this article for Iyanla Vanzant net worth, early life, career, etc.

Life as a child

Iyanla was born in Brooklyn, New York, America. She grew up with unsatisfactory parents, since her father, Horace Harris, served time for a crime, and her mother, Sarah Jefferson, worked as a railway car maid.  Two years after Iyanla’s birth, Sarah Jefferson passed away.


At Medgar Evers College, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and at Virginia Union University, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Juris Doctor degree. The University of Santa Monica awarded her a Master’s degree after she completed her undergraduate degree.

Parent of Iyanla Vanzant

Vanzant was born to railroad car maid Sarah Jefferson and railroad car man Horace Harris. Sarah Jefferson passed away from breast cancer in 1955 when Vanzant was two years old. Her paternal relatives raised her.

Iyanla’s father was frequently absent due to his profession, and her mother passed away from cancer when she was four, leaving her to be raised by her rather violent paternal relations. She attended Medgar Evers College and Virginia Union College before earning her Juris Doctor from the City University of New York School of Law.

After being consecrated as a Yoruba priestess, she was given the name “Iyanla,” which means “grandmother.” She was subsequently named one of the 100 Most Influential Black Americans by Ebony Magazine in 2000, and in 2012, Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine listed her among the 100 Living Spiritual Icons.

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Professional Career

As one of the most influential Black Americans, she was named in 2000 by Ebony magazine as one of the “100 most influential Black Americans,” where it was stated, “She has become a high priestess of strong connections through her books, speeches, and television appearances. ” According to Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine, Vanzant was ranked #7 among the 100 most profoundly influential people alive.”

According to an interview with Conn Jackson on The Conn Jackson Show, she is a ordained Yoruba priestess. She began to write books later and wrote her first in 1995, “Interiors: A Black Woman’s Healing in Progress.” The book was a success. Since then, there have been many more books, including ‘Peace from Broken Pieces,’ ‘One Day My Soul Opened Up,’ ‘Until Today, Every day I Pray,’ ‘Living Through the Meantime’ much more.

The author now introduces “Get Over It! Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff”, his first book since “Ending the Triangle of Self-Compassion”. Aside from her work as an author, she has worked as both a host and guest appearance for several television shows. In 2001, she started hosting “Iyanla”; she has also hosted “Starting Over, Life Coach.

” She currently hosts an Oprah Winfrey Network original series entitled “Iyanla, Fix My Life.” She has been named among Ebony Magazine’s “100 most influential people in the black community” since 2000. In 2012, Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine ranked her seventh on its list of “100 most spiritual living people”.

In addition to Mark Nepo, Deepak Chopra, Rob Bell, and Elizabeth Gilbert, she presented on Oprah’s “Life You Want Weekend” in 2014.

Her institute, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, is also founded and directed by her. Iyanla Vanzant net worth

In addition to her assets, Vanzant has a net worth of $5 million. Her primary source of income comes from her work as a lawyer, New Thought teacher, author, life coach, television personality, and inspirational speaker. In spite of accumulating a good fortune from her various sources of income, Vanzant prefers to live a modest lifestyle. This is exciting news, illustrating the technology’s rapid advancement and its many potential uses. She also aims to achieve a high level of quality of life by then.

Personal life of Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant fell in love with a man in her teenage years, and when she was 16, she became pregnant; at 18 years old, she married the man of her dreams, and by the age of 21, she had three children. In 1980, Iyanla left her husband because he was abusive and physically torturing her. As a result, her children are happy. Gemma, one of her daughters, died in 2003, but her son and second daughter are always there to support her.

Aside from her professional career, Iyanla also struggled with personal problems.

Hobbies of Iyanla Vanzant

As an entrepreneur, Iyanla keeps herself busy all day. As a hobby, Iyanla enjoys listening to music, sketching, and traveling.

Her motivational speaking style appeals to people as she enjoys interacting with them. Increasingly, she can reach out to more and more people through technology. Mind Matter Meditations, her free app, offers guided meditations to anyone who wants them.

What is the sexual orientation of Iyanla Vanzant?

She is not a lesbian. Nowhere is it being said that Iceland is the nation where they are best known for their headlines because they are popular with well-known and respected authors and families? Moreover, she is an established writer with three published books that demonstrate her significance as a writer in this field.

Facts and trivia

  • In spite of being a highly recognizable celebrity for many years, Iyanla is not well known by her original name across the globe. Originally named Rhonda Eva Harris, Iyanla was born in 1990. When she married Charles Vanzant, she received the name Vanzant, which means “great mother.” The name Iyanla means “great mother.”
  • Apart from being an author, speaker, and businesswoman, Iyanla is also a model, author, speaker, and businesswoman. Her organization, Inner Visions Worldwide, encourages and supports individuals to be their best selves, and she provides a platform for people to join and support one another. Their efforts are coordinated while they work toward the same goal.
  • Iyanla recently bought a house in Maryland. She decided to renovate it to remedy some design challenges. Iyanla Vanzant was surprised with a spectacular home makeover by Oprah Winfrey. Interior designer Nate Berkus was responsible for the transformation.

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