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No attire is complete without the perfect nail art. And it is important for us women to stay updated on the latest trend with nail art and manicures. The best nail salon in Gurgaon has compiled a short list of trends that is rocking the New Year. Let’s go.

Current Nail Art Designs that are making a Splash

Fingernails Decorated with Graphic Patterns

Have you ever witnessed the audaciousness with which a graphic designer does her abstract designs and doodles? Then why not utilize the same method to your fingernails and toenails? One of the most prevalent nail art styles at the best nail salon in Gurgaon for the year 2023 will be graphic design. Consider any colour, abstract patterns, hues that are dark or muted, and effects that contrast with one another. Mix all of them together, and you will end up with the ideal nails. There is no requirement that your fingernails be perfectly curl or straight. Have fun experimenting with colour and ideas, and make that design pop!

Metallic Nails

 Do you adore the shiny metal finish that may be found on building or automobile? How about giving your nails the same lustre as your other accessories? This year’s trend of having metallic nail polish on your nails is a cool one. On their own social media account. Bollywood princess such as Alia Bhatt, Ananya Pandey, and a great number of other were seen sporting this style. You have the ability to select any colour that you want to use. If your nails are shape like coffins, you absolutely cannot keep it! You can easily pay a visit to the nail salon in order to receive additional advice and achieve the ideal look.

Anime Nails

 Do you, too, get excited by names like Goku, Naruto, and Light Yagami and try to speak terrible Japanese? If so, you should try your hand at some anime nail art. If this describes you, then you are definitely a WEEB. You should choose this nail trend option instead. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the God of war or Demon Slayer. You can still adorn your nails with this beautiful and unique art.

You can have your nails designed with any of your favourite characters or a symbol of your choice, and it will be there. Program your support for your favourite show while still looking really fashionable with these cool anime nail decals. Where to get it? I would advise against attempt these trend on your own and instead getting them done at the best nail salon in Gurgaon instead. So why do we need to wait?

CD Nails

 Have you ever considered putting some iridescent shine on your nails? This kind of nails alters their hues in response to the surrounding light. Does it not sound cool? Then grab it! A pigment that is really exceptional because it contain glossy particle that will complete your look will be used to give your nails a manicure. These particles will have a reflective quality. Applying a layer of this holographic ink to your nails after applying a base coat of any nail colour—or even going all natural—will complete the look you want to achieve on your fingernails. Embrace the classic soul vibe that was popular in the ’90s by adopting this new trendsetter!

Have Some Fun with Pearls

Together, let’s swim to the bottom of the sea and select the most beautiful pearls to adorn your fingernails. A sophisticated appearance can be achieve for your nails by following this emerging style that has been gaining traction for some time. It is adaptable since you have complete control over the number of pearl that are place on your nails. It all depends on your personal preference and how fancy you want your nails to look. You can place as many of the small whitish balls on your cuticle as you choose, or you can totally cover your nails with them. In order to get the desired effect, pearl nail polish that has an iridescent quality should be use. One should get it done. The best nail salon in Gurgaon.

Galaxy Nails

 If you want to take your nail trend to the next level, why not try some cool galaxy nail trends? The Galaxy nail art is the epitome of what it means to achieve a “out of this world” appearance. YouTube’s collection of how-to videos has been blowing up recently, and the best part is that you can easily replicate the results on your own at home. You can achieve the perfect sparkly and starry finish for your nails by selecting some daring blue and galaxy colours and then applying some white paints or shimmers on top of them. This nail art is highly sought after by other because to the abstract quality of the design. Give it a shot at the best nail salon in Gurgaon, and become the star of your own show!


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