Advertising through promotional mouse mats is one of the best ways to generate interest in your company among your audience. Mouse mats have a larger space to hold a decent amount of advertising content. They take up a prominent place on your customers’ desks and enforce the name of your business in the minds of your customers as long as they are used.

What are mouse pads and why are they used? Mouse pads or mouse mats provide a special surface with more friction that enhances the movement of a computer mouse. Mouse pads are advantageous to computer users mainly for three reasons – they enable working at a higher speed, more precisely, and at complete comfort. Remove the mouse pad from under your computer mouse and try working. See how your comfort and efficiency drops.

Mouse pad also help keeping the desk or table surface clean. They prevent scratches and wears that may occur due to continuous movement and friction. If you are not using mouse pads, dust and dirt may collect under the mouse or on the table and make their way into the small gaps and spaces within the mouse ball socket, causing malfunctioning of the mouse pointer.

Imagine spilling your coffee on your desk during rush time. The soft cloth mouse pad can be a life saver, sopping out the liquid and protecting the mouse.

designed mouse pad for their computer mouse?

Mouse pads can be of several types. If you are using an optical mouse, you may need a special type of mouse pad. Depending upon your taste and interest, you may use mouse pads of different shapes and designs, of different colours and patterns. If you have such a varied taste and interest, think about your employees, clients, or customers! Won’t they appreciate a uniquely designed mouse pad for their computer mouse?

You can pair promotional mouse mats with coasters or wrist rests to make a special package of promotional gifts. Promotional mouse mats should be made of high quality and they should be good enough for use by your own employees. Distributing promotional mouse mats, pens, and shirts within your company can create a nice and motivating environment for your employees.

Promotional mouse mats can do a lot of talking about your business capacity and ethics. You can easily use their large space to create and design attractive mouse mats. By using the latest technology, promotional mouse mats can be easily customised by imprinting your company name, logo, message, slogan, and website URL.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to designing unique promotional mouse mats. Leading online suppliers understand your needs and make sure that you have the best promotional mouse mats. Promotional mouse mats from such sources are not just good to look at but also easily affordable. If you wish to know more about printed mouse mats, promotional printed mouse mats, and other promotional gifts, visit the webs top companies.

. The heated computer mouse does more than provide warm

The Warm Mouse has many names, has many descriptive titles and is multi-functional. Yet, it is simply as it is called – a computer mouse with a warming effect to keep a computer user’s mouse hand warm. The heated computer mouse does more than provide warm, infrared heat to a computer user’s mouse hand. The infrared heated computer mouse is ergonomic. It’s a healthy addition to a computer user’s desktop.

Here’s information about the evolution of the heated computer mouse. The ergonomic computer mouse called the Warming, Warm Computer, Heated, Heated Computer, Infrared, USB Warmer, Warmest, Warmer, etc., etc., etc. Whichever way you look at it, whatever name you call it, the warmer mouse, like any other innovative invention, has a story — an evolution of sorts.

# I

The Warm Mouse I is an ergonomic shaped computer mouse with a wide grip to provide a comfortable, standard mouse hand posture. This mouse was the first computer mouse designed with heat. The heated computer mouse uses a carbon fiber and generates infrared heat. Infrared heat is deep healing. It is a healthy, therapeutic source of relief for tired, aching mouse hand muscles and joints.

Infrared heat has been used for many centuries by Eastern cultures as a therapeutic source of healing. In the USA, infrared saunas are used for deep penetrating relief of aching muscles which in turn creates a detoxifying result for the blood. Through perspiration and urination, the body rids itself of unwanted toxins as a result of a deep penetrating infrared sauna experience.

Around 2005-2006, infrared heated computer devices were introduced to the market through an invention and patent in China. The Warm Mouse I is the original heated mouse — the first design sold on the internet. In 2007, the patent was registered in China. The Warm Mouse I is currently sold online at select ecommerce sites throughout the world — USA, China, Japan, UK and others.

# II

The Warm Mouse II has a sleek profile and provides a deep healing infrared heat to the computer user’s mouse hand. It is easy to hold, and it does not require a tight grip. The sleek profile enables the mouse to move easily across the mouse pad with a slight push of the mouse hand. The infrared heat is deep healing and a source of heat therapy for an over worked mouse hand. Just 20-30 minutes of infrared heat daily can produce positive results and improve blood circulation. Like all the warming computer mice, this design has an on/off switch on the cord and can be used with or without heat.

Some people call the Warm Mouse II the warmest mouse! It’s sleek, small profile produces a very warm mousing experience. The heat is generated via the USB port on the computer and uses a low 5v carbon fiber heating element. When not in use, turn off the heat using the control on the cord or unplug the mouse from the computer.

The Warm Mouse II is sold throughout the world at select ecommerce sites in a variety of bright, shiny colors.


The Warm Mouse III is the newest of the heated computer mouse designs. It has a large angled design making it very comfortable to use. The hand rests on top of the Warm Mouse III in a flat handshake style posture. This computer mouse forces the user to use new muscles lessening the usual strain from regular mouse hand repetition.

The top of the Warm Mouse III, heated computer mouse, is shaped like a large tear-drop oval. The bottom of the heated mouse is shaped like a kidney bean. The slick, new design gives mousing a whole new perspective. The hand rests on top of the smooth warm mouse and with effortless motion glides its way across the mouse pad.

The Warm Mouse III measures about 5″ x 2.25″ in size. The hand lies flat on top of the heated mouse with a slight side posture using the left grip for the thumb and the right grip for the fingers position. The Warm Mouse III design eliminates arm twisting because of its more natural hand position and improves comfort.

Each of the warmer mouse designed computer mice has a 800 dpi scroll wheel and is plug and play. No additional software is needed to install the warmer mouse. All styles are optical computer mice with a convenient on/off switch or heat control dial on its long USB cord. They all use a 5v infrared heating element to produce healthy, deep healing, infrared heat. The heat level ranges from about 99 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s safe for computers and people.

The heated mouse was designed to produce a deep therapeutic massaging effect for the mouse hand. Massage therapists use infrared heat for treating muscle aches and pains. Now, computer users can use the same Infrared heat in the comfort of their home whenever they use the computer. Infrared heat soothes aching hand muscles, relaxes tension and reduces stress. The result is reduced hand pain and improved blood circulation. The healthy effects of infrared heated computer devices like the heated computer mouse is helpful for those who suffer with chronic cold hand problems: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), Raynaud’s Phenomenon and other computer-related cold hand pain conditions.