Rooted Fashion

There was a time when people used to dress up just to cover their bodies but these days it is more than that. Fashion in the Middle East is more than just clothes, their unique pieces of jewelry are also the topic of great discussion. Gold, precious stones, gems, and silver are highly used. As one can differentiate a person’s social class by looking at their attire, looking at jewelry also it can be easily told.    

Bringing some new fashion styles into the middle east is not easy as it looks. Because of some social conduct, women are not allowed to wear short or revealing dresses. Let it understand it as a tradition or rule but there is, and so all their fashionable dresses also are long and cover the whole body. Designers have worked hard and have crafted new designs. To make outfits that even if they are long will still look exceptionally beautiful. 

Designers changing the meaning of fashion!

Zuhair Murad

Some designers have contributed a lot to leveling up fashion. For instance, Zuhair Murad, a Lebanese fashion designer who is famous even amongst Hollywood stars craves to get their attire designed by her. She designs extraordinary evening gowns that will make you look elegant, classy, and confident. She has designed gowns for Priyanka Chopra Jennifer Lopez and many others. All of her collection along with the trends, culture, and colors, inspired by the region is also reflected. 

Elie Saab

Next is Elie Saab, she is another Lebanese fashion designer, who has expertise in bridal wear. Unique lace, gemstones, pearls, and detailed embellishments make her dress look different than others. She styled Kate Middleton and has been awarded in any fashion weeks. His collection reflects the Arab culture across the world. Not only in Arab she has showcased the collection in Paris, London, and Beirut. 

Georges Hobelka

To add on, next is Georges Hobelka, she has incorporated muted tones and gemstones work which can be easily distinguished from others. Moreover, her collection is very affordable, so you don’t just have to dream about her outfits. There are daily wear collections also.    

Mirocha Maison

Mirocha Maison is a brand based in Dubai, hr collection is unique and from varied prints to embellishments. There is a wide variety you can easily explore what suits you best. All of her collection is inspired by true events and surroundings, so it makes it more unique and a sense of touch with the roots. 

It looks impossible but it is not, you too can change your way of fashion with these. So what if you can’t wear short dresses? 

Dress yourself up with the dreamy collection!

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