Smoothing optimization, an independent dual extruder (IDEX), and an incredibly quick print speed are all features of the Snapmaker J1 3D Printer. J1 is additionally polished and reliable thanks to the cast and machined components, linear rails, simple software, and user-centered designs.

The outstanding features of the idex dual extruder

J1 offers you the fastest printing speed in its class—350 mm/s—while still guaranteeing prints with a high level of detail. The improvement of vibration compensation technology has made it possible. To improve print quality, this technology lessens ringing by reducing vibrations brought on by fast movements. You can effectively realize small models that are densely detailed with a maximum acceleration of 10,000 mm/s2. Your waiting time is drastically reduced when printing with two extruders simultaneously because the non-working extruder preheats while it is on standby and begins printing as soon as the working extruder leaves.

The precision CNC grinding used to create the industrial-grade linear rails results in movements that are steady and slick. For you to enjoy a quick, precise, and steady-making experience, there has been a significant increase in precision, rigidity, and durability. Users adore the rigidity and durability of Snapmaker’s iconic all-metal design, which J1 carries over. The main board and power supply are dispersed across the base, allowing for better heat dissipation, and aluminum alloy makes up the majority of the device. At your command, all electronic parts are well-oiled.

The upper frame, base, and four aluminum alloy bars make up the body of J1, which is made of one-piece die casting. Precision assembly is made easier by producing the body from a small number of highly integrated parts, a strategy long used by the automotive industry.

You can print big projects one after another for a while and get prints of uncompromising quality because J1 is so rigid and dependable with little room for wobble and deformation.

IDEX dual extruder material printing produces less waste and requires less time to change filament than a multi-material unit. Furthermore, IDEX provides the most hygienic two-extruder solution that guards against cross-contamination. It produces a neat seam where two different materials meet, embracing hassle-free removal and preventing stains and odd blending at the seam. PVA and other materials that dissolve are supported by J1. The supports disappear when the print is soaked, leaving a smooth surface and excellent dimensional accuracy. This is for you if you’re looking for intricate details, complex geometry, and hollow structures.

Printing two identical items at once. The ability to print in bulk makes it ideal for studios and enthusiasts. You can halt a print without affecting the other if one of the prints encounters a problem. For a promised delivery on a strict timeline, this mode is a lifesaver.

J1 simultaneously prints the original and the mirrored version of your model after directly mirroring it. For quick drafts and concept models, you can import half of a symmetrical model and print it in Mirror Mode to reduce the wait time by 50%. You can halt one print without affecting the other, just like in copy mode. One extruder prints while the other is on standby in backup mode. The stand-by extruder would seamlessly take over the job if the working extruder encountered a problem, continuing to produce fantastic prints for you. Visit our website to get the best idex printer at an affordable price.