evaporative cooling
evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling works on the basic principle of evaporation to bring down the temperature of the room. In evaporation, the liquid water turns into vapor. When this happens, the highly energized particles separate from the liquid, which ultimately leads to a drop in the environment’s temperature. The same evaporation scientific principle is used in evaporative cooling. The evaporative coolers bring down the room temperature as the vapors overcast the dry environment. Perhaps, you could’ve felt the cool effect when you’d misted the air around you in summer. That’s what the evaporative coolers do. In this article, we will discuss evaporative cooling and its importance.

Remaining at a high temperature can be something disturbing. As a great many people could do without high intensity, it tends to be immensely awkward to them. Whether inside your home or out on the yard, a higher temperature can cause a few distress. In this way, the presence of an evaporative cooling framework is compelling in such a circumstance. The evaporative cooler aides in diminishing the temperature in a specific region, consequently chilling off the intensity.

How does cooling by evaporative cooler work?

evaporative cooling
evaporative cooling

As mentioned above, evaporative cooling uses the scientific principle of evaporation to lower the temperature. The evaporative coolers generally have a fan, a water reservoir, a thick pad, and some controls to mechanize the results. Firstly, the fan sucks the hot, dry air from the room into the cooling machine. Then it is passed through the cooling pads that take water from the reservoir.

The pads are designed in layers for a greater surface area. As the hot, dry air passes through the cooling pad, the water particles on the surface evaporate, thereby making the temperature drop to a maximum of 20 degrees inside the cooling machine. In addition, the fan in the evaporative cooler exudes the cooling air into the room, which thereby makes your room cooler and chilling.

Evaporative coolers can be constructed with several other useful parts fitted into them. Several air purifiers and pads minimize the growth of mildew and lower down the allergens in the air to improve the air quality, especially for people who have respiratory or allergic problems. Some evaporative coolers can add ice packs to further lower the room temperature and chill the air.

What is the importance of evaporative cooling?

Using coolers that work on the mechanism of evaporative cooling has two major advantages, energy- efficiency and sustainability. The evaporative coolers make use of lower electricity consumption in comparison to conventional air coolers. The evaporative coolers need only that much energy to rotate the fan that absorbs airflow through the cooling pads. 

On the other hand, conventional air coolers work on compressor mechanisms. These coolers use the compressor to squeeze the refrigerant into a bleak space and then revolve it around the heat exchanger to squeeze out the hotness in the air. This whole process requires comparatively huge electricity than an evaporative cooler.

The lesser consumption of electricity in evaporative cooling leads to less generation of carbon footprint and payment of lower electricity bills. Less carbon footprint will save the environment from further destruction as these cooler make use of only water and not any chemical refrigerant that produces ozone. Along with this, lower bills save your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, there is one advantage that sets the evaporative coolers from traditional air coolers. Unlike traditional AC, which circulates and cool down the same polluted air, evaporative coolers blow out only the pure, filtered, and fresh air into the room through its pads and fan.


Evaporative coolers are a new-age cooling technology. As compared to conventional air coolers, evaporative cooling bears the advantage of sustainability and saving the environment from ozone release since it works on fans only. In addition, evaporative coolers are eco-friendly and serve you with the same or much more cooling effect than air conditioners at lower bills. So, don’t wait; install the evaporative coolers today and breathe in cool and clean air.