FIFA 23 Playtime is a game function that allows players to see different statistics such as the number of player hours, played games, and how they spend points and coins.

Check out U7BuyUT and find out how to sell FUT 23 coins for cash! FIFA 23 has a feature called Playtime. This allows the players to keep track of and personalize their game experience. This function gives players access to information such as the number of hours invested into the game, the number of played games, and how they spend FIFA 23 coins and points. If you choose not to spend the coins, visit U7BuyUT and learn how to sell FIFA 23 coins. If you want to see all this info, you will have to enable the Playtime function. It is off by default.

How to Use FIFA 23 Playtime

First of all, let’s see how you can put the function on. There are three options to do it. Option 1 takes you to the main game menu and then to the Customize tile. Locate the Playtime tile and follow the instructions on how to put on the Share Playtime Usage Data feature. Another option from the Customize tile has the player selecting Online Settings and then Privacy. This is where you will find the Share Playtime option. The third option is from the Companion or Web App. Enter the Settings menu, put on the Playtime toggle, and then enter the Playtime option. FIFA 23 Playtime is on or off on all of your devices. If you use the Companion or Web Apps to enable it, you will see the effects in the game. If you change the setting in the game while either app is open, you might have to log out and in into the app to see the effects. You can access the Playtime option from the main game, Ultimate Team mode, or the apps. From FIFA 23, go to the main menu, then to the Customize tile, and then to the Playtime tile. From Ultimate Team, go to the Club tab, enter Settings, and then Playtime. From the Companion or Web App, go to Settings, and then Playtime. If you use the Playtime function from Ultimate Team, you can also see how many packs you have opened in this game mode. The function exclusively tracks the packs that are bought with points and FIFA 23 coins. Packs that have been received as a reward are not included in this number. You can use the Ultimate Team pack opening limits only when you access the Playtime feature through this game mode. Pack Previews are not included in the Playtime limits. They also don’t count for the number of opened packs.