Personal Care Services Toronto
Personal Care Services Toronto

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Personal care services can be a great solution for those who need assistance with daily activities. They can provide assistance with daily tasks around the house, reducing the worry and stress of being alone at home. Personal care services toronto can be provided by several companies. Some of the companies are Qualicare, ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC., and Living Assistance Services.


Personal care is an important part of aging well, and Qualicare aims to provide quality, compassionate care for seniors at home. Whether a senior is dealing with a chronic illness or is suffering from a life-threatening injury, Qualicare is there to help. Their caregivers are trained to work with clients to maintain their independence. They can answer calls around the clock and help coordinate care plans.

Qualicare is owned by Steve Jones and Jeff Durish, two like-minded individuals who both have extensive experience in dealing with complex medical and health issues. Their personal values and business background perfectly align with the philosophies of Qualicare. In addition, both have a background in Neurobiology and are trained in caring for people with dementia or other memory impairment. They have a great deal of experience in providing care to seniors.

Chronic Pain

An online training program targeting frontline staff at seven rural LTC homes was an effective tool for enhancing knowledge of pain management and identifying areas for improvement. It also increased participants’ knowledge of key pain characteristics and improved documentation of these indicators in residents’ charts. This program also improved the use of pain scales and timeliness of follow-up assessments of residents with moderate to severe pain. Although the findings are promising, they also highlight the need for further education about pain management in residents with dementia.

Staffing Levels

Staffing levels in long-term care facilities are a critical component of the quality of care residents receive. The study was based on data collected from administrative records and resident assessments of care in 11 LTC homes in Ontario, Canada. Staffing levels included number of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and nursing assistants per unit. It also looked at staffing levels by type of employment (full-time, part-time, or casual). The study’s data was collected from human resources departments of LTC facilities and were analyzed using a composite ranking per unit.

Implementation Of Specific Actionable Items

Among the many strategies for improving care for residents of long term care Brampton is the implementation of specific actionable items. These interventions are designed to make existing processes more efficient and improve resident health outcomes. They include hiring new staff, adopting national guidelines, and providing additional resources. Once implemented, the interventions will become part of the standard care provided at the facility. Here are the steps to consider during implementation.

Staff Turnover And Weekend Shifts

The number of employees who work in a long-term care facility is highly dependent on the local labor market. Studies have shown that facilities with lower staff turnover tend to have higher Five-Star ratings. The new data will be included in Care Compare refreshes beginning in January 2022. A recent study found that only half of the nursing assistants trained in the state over a decade stayed in that occupation and most of them went to work in higher-paying positions.


ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC Toronto provides personal care, homemaking and healthcare in the community for individuals of all ages. Whether you need assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, or any other daily task, Ask4care will help you or a loved one live independently and happily at home.

We are always accepting new clients throughout the GTA, Peel Region, and York Region. Contact us today for a free quote. You can also browse our services online for more information. We have many locations throughout Canada, so we are sure to serve you! If you are looking for personal care services in Toronto, ask us for more information!