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Our mornings and evenings are unsatisfactory without a cup of tea, especially on those freezing winter mornings when you simply hold on to that cup of tea you’ve made and sip it slowly while feeling the warmth of it by holding the cup.

You’re aware that not all teas are created equal? The most concerning fact to bear in mind when buying tea is that conventional tea leaves are not cleaned after harvest. Pesticides are used in large quantities by conventional tea growers. In reality, the first time tea leaves are cleaned is when they are steeped in your beverage of choice.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing organic tea as well. A few of them are listed below-

  • The major reason why one should choose organic tea is that it is much healthier than conventional tea.
  • It builds one’s immune system which in turn helps us fight many diseases. 
  • It boosts your body’s metabolism and accelerates the breakdown of fat deposits. Furthermore, it contains no calories, making it the most effective choice for weight loss. Several research studies have found that the anti – diabetic effect of organic tea can be very helpful for weight loss. To reap the benefits, limit yourself to two to three cups per day.
  • Organic tea will improve your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti – oxidant characteristics can substantially enhance the state of your skin. Yes, moderate consumption will postpone the onset of aging symptoms such as wrinkles.
  • Organic tea has powerful healing properties. It can aid in the reduction of inflammation. 
  • It reduces the risk of joint pain. Regular drinking also helps to prevent vision problems and heart disease. The key is consistency.

Which organic tea brand should you choose?

The Kangra Tea House is the best organic tea brand, and it is unapologetically premium; it is in a league of its own. Kangra Tea House provides a variety of organic teas from which customers can choose. They taste rooty, herbaceous, floral, and spicy.

Teas are not all the same; they are inspired by fine taste. Because these tea leaves are reusable, they are very cost effective. The 100% Certified Organic Tulsi Green Tea – KTH DiviniTEA is one of the best flavors they have and it has soothing and tension properties. Their Organic Tulsi Green Tea is packed with several rich nutrients that aid in innate immune building while alleviating a diverse range of pains.

The kangra tea house offers only whole loose tea leaves for consumption as they are the healthiest and are against the use of tea bags as they are extremely harmful for one’s health. Every time you use the tea leaves for the second or third time, the flavor improves even more. They are produced naturally, with no artificial additives or preservatives. Kangra tea house awakens your senses and refreshes your mind.

Frequently asked questions

Which tea is the healthiest in the market as of now?

Green tea is the healthiest tea in the market right now owing to the numerous benefits it offers, it is considered as one of the purest teas as it does not undergo the process of oxidation.

Is organic tea good for your system?

Yes, organic tea is really good for your system. It boosts your antioxidant capacity and boosts your immune system as well if you consume it on a daily basis. 

What is the difference between organic and regular tea?

Regular tea uses synthetic and chemical pesticides whereas organic tea is produced with no chemical fertilizers, they use organic pesticides ie. remains from by products of organisms which were once living.