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Once the students are out of school, they get worried about their future and wish to be a part of prestigious colleges and universities. Finally, after taking the challenge of clearing tests and seeking dissertation assistance from experts, students are ready to make the next plunge.

 Some students take up months to decide on which university to opt for as it is not the same as getting a dissertation assistance service. Choose the right subject and check the job options relevant to it and see the salary too.  Consider all the aspects before getting admission. There are many questions like which subjects to choose, what should be the combination, and how will the faculty be? Will the course remain valuable in the future?

Checking university rankings is of prime importance. Some universities have general rankings, and others might have separate tables for each. However, some give importance to the student: staff ratio.

It is observed that in smaller classes, students can grasp things better. Some courses might require a written application. If you cannot write well, then ask experts who help with dissertation assistance writing.

Next is to check the course content and contact the university if you have doubts in certain areas. Also, look for the sports and societies on offer. Also, ask the alumni if there is any provision for dissertation proposal assistance.

Deciding where to study is a huge task and finding the right university is daunting if one doesn’t have much idea. But we help you start your journey of finding the perfect university and settling down with a lucrative career. We shortlist the 5 best universities in the world so students can try opting for them. Know the requirements, criteria, and mandates.

1. The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom

It is the oldest university and one of the most prestigious in the UK. So far, there are more than 20,000 students at Oxford.

The number of undergraduates and postgraduates is equal here. Getting admission here is adamant students should be Competitive. It is found that, on average, the university receives five applications for evermore place.

 Foreign citizens are accountable for 40 percent of students and the academic body. There is staff here from just under 100 countries.

 It has 48 undergraduate degrees, and the admission rate is 21 percent which is high compared to the IVY league. Here, almost 17 percent of the applicants are international citizens. Except for the medicine program, there are no quotas for international students.

 The terms at Oxford are shorter as compared to other UK higher education.

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2. Harvard University, United States

It is one of the oldest universities in the US and was established in 1636 and considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is also a significant part of the Ivy League, a group of eight private universities in the US. More than 45 Nobel laureates, 30 heads of state, and 48 Pulitzer prize winners are from here.

 The institute can proudly boast of thirteen US presidents who hold honorary degrees from the institutions. 1n 1956 the John F. Kennedy award was awarded. The university is devoted to excellence in teaching.

3. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The collegiate public research institution was founded in the year 1209. It has an untold history of 800 years and is the fourth oldest university in the world. It is also considered the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

There are 31 colleges students can easily acquire teaching sessions under supervision. As a result, Cambridge is the wealthiest university in Europe and the wealthiest in the world.

 There are 6 schools and more than 150 departments that cover a vast array of subjects. Students come from globally diverse institutions from 141 different countries.

It has established partnerships in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It has the world’s most significant technology clusters and is the birthplace of 23 businesses.

 The university promotes the interface between academia and business. It also runs many online courses for working professionals.

4. Stanford University, United States

The university is known to facilitate the development of Silicon Valley. Many start-ups and entrepreneurs have emerged from here, and the graduates have made a mark here.

It is find that 17 Nobel Laureates are affiliate here. The student-to-staff ratio is 7:40. There are under 7,000 undergraduates and 9,000 postgraduates at the university.

There are museums, gardens and recreational centres here too.

 A budget of $1.22 billion is allotted for research at Stanford. So far, more than 5,000 of its project are externally fund.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

There are six separate schools at MIT, which include architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences, management, science, and computing. MIT was found in the mid of 19th century, and the first architecture classes were taught here.

The university provides financial assistance to students who need it. Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations, is among its alumni.

 Admission here is selective, and the university is known to produce

  • 85 Nobel Laureates,
  • 58 National Medal of Science winners
  • 29 National Medal of Technology and Innovation winners
  • 45 MacArthur Fellows. Among its alumni is Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations.

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Go through the above blog and zero in on a university of your choice. All the best!