Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Jawad Ali

The education system in Dubai has evolved and seen a complete shift in the past few years. From local schools providing education through a national board to plethoras of private institutes following international curriculum plans. The transition has been highly contributing to improving the education system of Dubai. Moreover, it opens doors of global opportunities for children. It has also emerged as a boon for expats looking for an international Dubai school to prepare their children for future competitions.
As you start looking for a Dubai secondary school for your child, there will be plenty of options in front of you. The challenge would be to filter them and decide where you want to enrol your child. Understand that what worked for other children may or may not work for yours. Hence, your research and the selection process should be customized, keeping your child’s requirements and vision in mind.

Tips for choosing a private secondary school

To help you with this daunting research task, we have listed a few tips that you can use to choose the best private secondary school for your child.

Education Standards

The world has evolved a lot, and the evolution continues to happen. To adapt to this fast-paced environment, your child needs to have awareness and exposure to the outside world. It is only possible when your child gets a premium education of international standards. Thus, you should ensure that the curriculum and the teaching practices support the same.

International Recognition

The school should have international recognition as your child will eventually move out for higher education or career opportunities. If the school or the curriculum pattern doesn’t hold an excellent reputation, the admissions or the placements will get challenging. Thus, check the recognition factor duly and choose only schools with universal recognition.

Language Options

When you are an expat, you would obviously want your child to learn the local language and have proficiency in your native one. It is only possible when you choose the Dubai school that offers the language options you need. Check the teaching language and the options offered by the school, and you can also ask the school authorities to provide this information.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Check the extra-curricular activities available at the school you plan to choose to ensure that your child gets to grow holistically. Verify that they have options for sports, fine arts, and all other aspects of education so that your child and explore and understand their areas of interest. This information is available on the school website, or you can directly ask the admission counsellors.

Skill Building

Another vital tip for choosing the best Dubai secondary school is to see how dedicated they are to skill building. Discuss with the concerned people to check their efforts to ensure every child learns and develops essential life skills. If everything seems perfect, you can go ahead with the final admission process.
These expert tips can help narrow the available school options and decide which would be the best for your child. Brace yourself for the research and explore as many options as possible before making this decision, as it directly impacts your child’s life and career.