Highland Park is a whisky that has been produced in the Highland region of Scotland since the early 18th century. In this guide, we’ll be exploring what makes Highland Park such a special whisky, and why it’s such a popular choice for whisky lovers all over the world.

What is Highland Park?

Highland Park is a distillery located in the town of Highland Park, Scotland. The distillery was founded by Johnnie Walker and Sons in 1879. Highland Park has been producing whisky for over 125 years and is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Highland Park’s whiskies are known for their smooth, rich flavor and unique nose.

Highland Park is made from a combination of malted barley, corn, and wheat. The whisky is then aged in ex-bourbon casks before being bottled at 42%.

Origins of Highland Park

Highland Park is a distillery that was founded in 1810 by an immigrant from Islay, Scotland. The distillery has been in continuous operation since then and produces a wide variety of whisky, including single malts and blends. Highland Park is known for its smoky taste and for its high quality.

Highland Park uses only traditional methods to produce its whisky. These methods include using malted barley, peat smoke, and water drawn from the River Nevis. Additionally, Highland Park uses only natural coloring agents such as copper and licorice root. These ingredients give the whisky its distinctive flavor profile.

One of the most distinguishing features of Highland Park whisky is its aging process. The whisky is typically aged in seasoned oak casks that were used to age other types of Scotch whisky. This aging process gives the whisky its characteristic smoky taste and aroma.

Flavors of Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the world’s most iconic single malts, and for good reason. This whisky has a rich, complex flavor that is unmistakably Highland. There are several different flavors that make up Highland Park, and each one is unique and amazing in its own way.

The first flavor to come out is oak. It’s the base flavor for everything else in the whisky, and it gives it a strong woodsy taste. Next comes honeycomb, which is a sweet note that balances out the oak perfectly. Finally there’s cinnamon, which gives the whisky a warm spice finish that is absolutely delicious.

If you’re looking for an exceptional Scotch with a unique flavor profile that will leave you wanting more, then Highland Park should definitely be at the top of your list.

How to Taste Highland Park Whisky

If you’re a whisky lover, Highland Park is one of the most coveted bottles on the shelf. With a long history and an unmatched taste, this distillery has something for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about Highland Park whisky before you buy it.

What Makes Highland Park Whisky So Special?

Highland Park is known for its unique taste, which comes from a combination of six different malts. This creates a smooth and complex flavor that is hard to find in other whiskies. Additionally, the distillery uses only pure water and barley to create their whisky. This ensures that the final product is both flavorful and authentic.

How Much Does Highland Park Cost?

Prices for Highland Park vary depending on production batch, but generally speaking, expect to pay around $60 per bottle. However, there are still plenty of deals available if you’re willing to hunt down a deal.


Highland Park has been a favorite of whisky lovers for over 250 years, and for good reason. This iconic Scotch has a complex flavor profile that is full of spices and smoky notes. Highland Park is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing it with other drinks to create your own unique cocktail experience. If you’re looking to explore the world of whisky, be sure to try Highland Park!