Ayurvedic treatment for Renal/Kidney stones

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One of our body’s most important glands is the kidney. They are positioned in the posterior abdominal cavity. They perform two crucial duties: removing harmful toxins in the body and controlling the chemical, water, and mineral levels inside the body. They can filter, reabsorb, release and transfer blood to them, resulting in urine.

To live a healthy life, you need functioning kidneys. Every day, humans eat a wide variety of foods, which are then converted into energy. This process also produces poisonous byproducts that are harmful to the body. The accumulation of these toxic substances could be detrimental to your health. Insufficient water levels within the body could lead to the development of renal stones. 

These stones could be as big as a football. They are typically made from calcium oxalate and other compounds and are crystallised in their composition.

The formation of kidney stones can cause a difficult time when you try to urinate and lose weight, as well as nausea, fever, hematuria and severe irritation in the abdomen area of your body. Kidney stones can be removed with surgery, but some individuals can get rid of them through Ayurvedic treatments.

Types of Renal Stones

In modern medicine, urinary calculi (stones) distribution is determined by their chemical composition and shape. Therefore different kinds of urinary calculi are identified, i.e. Struvite stone, calcium stone, Uric acid stone, Cystine stone, the composite stone.

Vatika, Paitika, Shlaishmika, and Shukraja are the four different varieties of ashmari recognized by Ayurveda.

The Vatika, Paitika, and Shlaishmika Ashmari could be linked to the calcium oxalate, uric acid, calcium phosphate, Uric acid, and stones on their own.

The signs and symptoms

  • Urinary bladder pain that is hard as well as scrotum, penis, and penis
  • The urine is thick and turbid.
  • the urine smell is similar to the smell of urine that is similar to Gomed (hessonite stone),
  • body ache, heat dysuria, anorexia and heat,

Ayurveda clinics in Chandigarh explained the reason for the pain Ashmari is caused by swimming, jumping and riding, running, riding, etc.

Risk factors:

The risk factors that result increase the likelihood of kidney stones:

  • Obesity: High BMI (BMI) and weight gain are directly linked to the increased risk of developing kidney stones.
  • Family history – You’re more prone to developing kidney stones in the event of a history of the disease within your family.
  • Dehydration – Insufficient absorption of water and a humid climate increase the chance of developing kidney stones.
  • Factors in the diet – High Proteins, sodium levels (salt) and high sugar levels in foods can increase your risk for kidney stones.
  • The digestive system and surgical procedures Certain procedures, like gastric bypass and chronic diarrhoea, may affect calcium absorption and increase the likelihood of the formation of stones.

Additional health issues like cystinuria, renal tubular acidosis (RTA), and urinary tract infections may increase the risk of developing stones.

The following is a list of some Ayurvedic kidney stone treatments:

1. Olive oil and lemon juice

The mix made of the juice of a lemon and edible oils may sound odd, but it’s an effective Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones. Anyone who wants to eliminate kidney stones should typically drink this drink daily until the stones are gone. Lemon juice is beneficial in breaking stones, and olive oil functions as a lubricant to allow them to move through the system with less stress. A mix of lemon juice and olive oil can be beneficial in the removal of kidney stones.

2. Okra/ lady finger

Green and nutrient-rich, okra is a plant. It has a high magnesium content. It also contains the highest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which help keep the kidneys in top health. It is also a powerful kidney stone treatment. Incorporating ladyfinger into your diet is extremely beneficial for your health since it’s an exceptional Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones.

3. Water of Coconut

Coconut is a nutritious food that is healthy and full of great nutrients. The incredibly healthy coconut water found in raw, green coconuts should be consumed if you have kidney stones. It is a wonderful alternative to kidney stones. Ayurvedic treatment. It helps dissolve stones and then wash them out with urine.

4. Drink water that is infused with the juice of a basil

It assists us in staying well-hydrated and is crucial to maintaining the body’s water levels for a healthy and healthy lifestyle. It assists the kidneys in melting minerals and nutrients and aids digestion and absorption. Generally speaking, it is recommended that a healthy person drink at least 7-8 glasses of water each day. Water is the most beneficial drink for detoxification. 

It helps eliminate toxins that are not needed from our bodies and could further harm the kidneys and other organs. Patients suffering from kidney stones must consume plenty of fluids to wash the stones with urine. To get the best outcomes, drink water infused with basil juice, as it is believed to help maintain the balance of the body’s mineral, fluid and uric acids. Water infused with basil is effective at removing kidney stones.

5. Horse Gram

Horse gram is rich in iron, calcium protein, phosphorus, and calcium. One of the foods cited by Ayurveda as being the healthiest is this one. It is believed to be a miracle pulse and offers numerous health advantages. It is highly recommended to treat gallbladder and kidney stones. It breaks up the stones and allows you to flush them via urine.

Ayurvedic management


Panchakarma is a straightforward cleansing procedure that eliminates toxic waste and restores the body’s natural healing capacity.

Discuss with your ayurvedic physician to receive details on preparing a customized panchakarma treatment that includes treatment sessions, including massages and steam the purge, enemas to the bowel and bladder and bowel under your doshic irregularity.

Over 95% of kidney stones can be broken into pieces and eliminated through ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Every year, undergoing Panchakarma therapy helps prevent kidney stones from developing.


Ayurveda Clinic in Chandigarh, offers you the right treatment details and other benefits that will provide immediate assistance for your issue. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the clinic before beginning the Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney stones.

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