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Taking kids to the pediatric dentist is a well-followed practice among modern parents. But it sounds weird when parents are taking their kid to a general dentist for a dental condition that can be better addressed and solved by children’s orthodontics in Ann Arbor.

Well, there isn’t a certain time, but whenever you think it is necessary, you will have to be mindful of your choices. You must consider taking your kid to an orthodontist if they have developed orthodontic symptoms.

Based on their dental condition, an orthodontist can begin immediate treatments to ensure major complications can be avoided. But when is the right time to start thinking about choosing the right pediatric dentist for your child and book their first appointment with them? Read on to find the best answer.

It’s about time to take your child to an orthodontist

Parents must start bringing their kids to orthodontists as soon as they turn 4 years old because the overall position of their teeth becomes apparent. If all their soft milk teeth have fallen out, it’s best to reach them by age 7.

It’s worth noting that an orthodontist is a dental specialist who looks after the misaligned or ugly-looking smiles of kids. Therefore, as soon as you spot uneven teeth in your kid’s mouth, rather than visiting a general dentist, you should reach out to an expert orthodontist.

Given below are the potential dental situations in which you should seek orthodontic treatment in Ann Arbor.

1. Baby teeth have fallen out too early.

It’s no secret that most children’s teeth begin to loosen up and gradually fall out by the time they reach the age of four or five years. By the age of 7, kids even have their first molar teeth erupted as they progress towards adulthood. But in rare cases, the baby’s teeth fall out too early. It can be a sign of something abnormal. Therefore, as a concerned parent, you must bring your child to an orthodontist before it’s too late.

2. Gaps between Teeth

Any gaps between the child’s permanent teeth are a clear indication of a potential problem. It can’t be left untreated because it can reduce your kid’s confidence level in the future.

It’s even possible that permanent teeth are developing unevenly or that a tooth is missing. Therefore, only an expert orthodontist can confirm the condition. If treatment is required, they might fix it faster without causing any damage to the kid’s dental health.

3. Difficulty in Chewing & Biting

A popping or cracking noise in the jaw is uncommon. You must schedule an appointment with the orthodontist if your child hears a sound. This is primarily due to the fact that this strange sound has been linked to biting and chewing problems, as well as having an impact on children’s social interactions.

But if no sound is coming, yet the kid is experiencing jaw issues and biting problems, it will result in poor digestion. Such a dental condition doesn’t let kids eat and chew food properly. Thus, the small stomach is unable to extract valuable nutrients from the food in its early growth stage.

An orthodontist can better examine and name the underlying orthodontic symptom if they are experiencing any bite or chewing problems.

4. Overcrowding

Having too many permanent teeth developed at a young age can cause a number of issues for kids as they grow. Cavities can form because it is difficult to keep teeth that overlap or are crowded on each other clean. Too many teeth next to each other can restrict surrounding teeth from erupting adequately.

Biting and chewing issues may also evolve. If left untreated, problems will persist later in life. There’s no other solution than having these teeth removed. The uncomfortable alignment of teeth can be painful as well because it tends to injure the inner skin layer of the mouth. So consider talking to an Ann Arbor emergency orthodontist on the matter.

5. Breathing Problems

Since kids with orthodontic conditions can’t eat properly and can’t maintain proper hygiene of their mouths, gums, and teeth, breathing problems are quite common. Until the orthodontic conditions are treated with appropriate tools and dental procedures, the problem will be persistent. Therefore, take your kid to an orthodontist today because breathing problems tend to get worse.


As a parent, you should begin to notice changes in your child’s habits that are directly related to their oral activities as soon as possible. You must get your dental health evaluated by the nearest orthodontist. For example, if they develop the habit of thumb sucking or nail biting before the age of four or five, it will have a direct impact on their teeth. Similarly, other signs that can prompt orthodontic issues must be monitored carefully. Visiting an Ann Arbor teen orthodontist is a worthwhile consideration if your child snores a lot while sleeping.