Anything that is growing significantly after the fashion industry is the jewellery industry. It won’t be wrong to say that both the industries are interrelated to each other as for every fashionable outfit, one needs a matching jewellery or a piece of jewellery that compliments the outfit. Therefore, it is right to say that the jewellery industry is one of the potentially evolving industries in the business world. It is also a form of art that makes a person look elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, if a piece of jewellery looks artistic, it means the packaging materials that are used for packing it must be strong, robust and artistic in nature.

These days many jewellery business owners are focusing on custom jewellery packaging that is giving their business a great boost. In this article we shall be looking at some of the best custom jewellery packaging ideas which you can opt for your brand recognition. There are different types of packaging companies in the UK, such as Packaging Midlands that provide you with custom packaging supplies like custom cardboard boxes in Birmingham. As jewellery is a fashionable accessory that helps you in expressing your feelings and thoughts, therefore, the packaging that is used to pack it must also be expressive in nature.

Let us now have a look at some of the best custom jewellery packaging ideas for brand recognition.

Two piece box is the common one in custom jewellery packaging

This type of packaging is one of the most common bespoke cardboard boxes that is used for packing the jewellery pieces. It looks beautiful and is highly functional in nature. This is a double wall packaging box. Hence, it means, this box is strong, sturdy, robust and durable in nature. This is further going to keep the jewellery items safe during transit. These types of boxes give an aesthetic appeal and also an amazing unboxing experience.

A colourful custom packaging jewellery box with a printed brand logo boosts brand recognition
You must have seen different types of jewellery boxes in different colours, especially in purple, pink and other feminine colours. Since mostly women are more fascinated towards jewellery, therefore, the colours are chosen accordingly that indicate their feminine nature. The boxes in these colours look attractive and artistic. And when the brand logo is added to the box, it makes the box look more alluring. Make sure that when you are choosing the colour for the custom jewellery box, the colour of the brand logo is such that it matches or compliments the colour of the box. For instance, if you are choosing lavender or light pink for your box, the colour of the logo should be in gold which will go well with these light colours.

Jewellery pouch is another best idea for brand recognition

If you are someone who loves to use jewellery pouches instead of boxes, you can opt for custom jewellery pouches. It will give a luxurious vibe to jewellery and to the brand as well. You need to spend some minimal amount of money to manufacture it. One of the best things about this packaging is that it is eco-friendly in nature. There are a different variety of fabrics or materials used for making these jewellery pouches.

Do not worry about not being able to print your brand logo on the pouches, because it is very much possible and you can easily print your brand logo or name on the custom jewellery pouches.
The only drawback it comes with is that the pouch is not as strong as that of the custom jewellery boxes, hence there are chances that the jewellery may get damaged during the transit. In such a situation you can use different other protective packaging, such as bubble wrap sheets from a large roll of bubble wrap, foam packaging sheets and so on. Also you can use a corrugated cardboard box to keep the pouch inside it, before shipping.

Summing up

These are some of the custom packaging materials which you can use for packing and shipping your jewellery and gain brand recognition. Apart from these packaging, you can also go for magnetic box and pillow box that are used as custom jewellery packaging and these boxes also contribute equally in boosting your brand identity.