Jewellery In Divorce Settlement

Appraising your jewellery is an important task which may help you in certain situations, such as divorce. It also helps in other such situations, such as while claiming for insurance, foreign travel and so on. Jewellery is an important asset. It is a valuable personal property, after home and land. Whether it is a diamond jewellery or a gold or gemstone jewellery, its value increases with that of the market value. It means if you have purchased jewellery in the past, its value may have increased today. But what happens to the jewellery in divorce settlement?

In this article we will know everything about the jewellery appraisal for divorce. Unfortunately sometimes some marriages do not last forever. If you are getting a divorce from your partner, the first concern that may be coming to your mind is the appraisal of valuable assets, especially the jewellery that is needed to be done for the divorce settlement. When this concern comes to your mind, the first thing you do is to search for a jewellery valuer. Many companies in the UK, such as Prestige Valuations provide you with the best and professional jewellery valuers from whom you can take help and clear all your doubts.

Whether you have been given an engagement ring or a wedding ring or an eternity ring for your anniversary, always remember that for a woman, jewellery is one of the important assets which she cannot ignore at all. Therefore, during the divorce settlement, make sure that proper appraisal of all the jewellery pieces is being done by the appraiser. Let us now have a look at some of the ways which you can follow for jewellery appraisal for your divorce settlement.

Properly check the background and credentials of the appraiser

There is no doubt that for the appraisal of your jewellery in the divorce settlement, you need to have a professional and experienced appraiser. And for that you need to do some background check before appraising your jewellery. After all, jewellery is the most valuable asset and you cannot take any risk for it. You should ask the appraiser a professional profile in the written form that informs you about his education, his experiences and his expertise. You should thoroughly go through the document, and in case of any queries or doubts you should definitely ask the appraiser and cross check it properly. The person you are choosing for your jewellery valuations must be an expert with experience.

Ask questions to check the aptitude and skill of the appraiser

Instead of asking how much the appraiser is going to charge you for the jewellery appraisal, ask the appraiser about his skill, general knowledge and aptitude to know how much he is qualified in appraising your jewellery. If a person has years of experience, but the way he is doing the jewellery appraisal is wrong, in that case you won’t be benefitted much. If someone is in the jewellery appraisal business and has just a few years of experience but does the jewellery valuation in a correct way, you are definitely going to be benefitted from this person. Therefore, general knowledge, skills and aptitude are more important than years of experience.

Check the knowledge of the appraiser regarding the laws and regulations for jewellery appraisal

Expertise in jewellery appraisal is important. But that is not the only thing. The valuer must have proper knowledge related to rules, regulations and laws of jewellery appraisal. Appraisal is mainly done for valuable assets and for each valuable asset there are specific kinds of laws which we need to follow. Jewellery appraisal comes with its own requirements which we need to consider. The appraiser must be well informed and knowledgeable about the regulations which he needs to follow for jewellery appraisal. Because it must comply with the law or else you may be in trouble. Make sure that your appraiser is not putting you in any kind of trouble.

Summing Up

These are some of the ways which you need to follow for jewellery appraisal during your divorce procedure. There are many companies out there in the UK that provide you with the best valuers or appraisers for probate jewellery valuation and the valuation of other important assets. Make sure that you are checking all the important points mentioned above before choosing the best one for yourself.