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Are you struggling with ranking your website higher? Or maybe your brand is not getting the kind of outreach as your expectations? In any case, Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, and we cannot exactly determine what’s next.

However, what we can do is understand the current SEO trends and optimize our content accordingly. To help make content more SEO-friendly, here are some of the best SEO strategies that can potentially help you rank your content better!
Top 9 SEO Strategies in 2022
From prioritizing quality content to repurposing it, here is a list of 9 effective SEO strategies to try in 2022.
Prioritize Quality Content
When it comes to placing websites in search results, Google puts high-quality and suitable content above all else. Quality content paired with utilizing keywords helps websites rank for more organic keywords. Such keywords show up when searching for the niche related to their business and assist potential clients in finding them easily.

Nevertheless, writing for your target audience is just as crucial as using relevant keywords when developing high-quality content. Ensure to make your company’s USP the primary foundation of your content pieces. For example, say that your company is related to clothing. You can publish content relating to the latest trends in clothes, the popular colors of the season, etc.
Use Link Building
The significance of ethical link building both internally and externally is an older SEO technique but holds great results to this date. For today, we will be discussing internal links. These links help link to other pages and content on your website through relevant keywords.

Internal linking is said to improve the rankings of pages and even allows Google to understand the anchor text and display it as having more value. Nevertheless, do refrain from spam linking as it will only do more harm than good. Google has previously penalized websites for using poor or low-quality links.
Step up Your Website’s UX
Ever since Google’s mobile-first indexing was introduced, digital marketers and SEO experts have been focusing more on UX than ever. There are certain aspects that Google looks at when ranking a page: speed, interactiveness, stability, and responsiveness. It might sound too much to digest, but it is crucial to follow.

You see, UX or user experience holds great significance in boosting traffic. Users must be able to navigate through your website seamlessly, and the content displayed should also be structured appropriately. In simple terms, how users interact with your website is how it will rank.
Implement Entity-Based SEO
Our next SEO strategy is implementing entity-based SEO.

What does it exactly mean?

Simply put, it is based contextually. It utilizes context as opposed to keywords to display accurate results to a search. Ever since the introduction of Google’s knowledge graph, web crawlers have been prioritizing entities and rich snippets and not relying on keywords. For this reason, providing context became highly important alongside keywords.

For example, if you enter the word “Capri,” you would find the following phrase “Capri,” which is an island or even a type of pants.

Entity-based SEO will benefit websites in generating qualified leads and relevance for your website in searches.
Use Long-Tail Keywords
There are certain topics that prove to be highly competitive. Hence, finding keywords for them in such cases becomes quite a hassle and ineffective. Here long-tail keywords come to the rescue.

Long-tail keywords refer to terms that are less popular than primary ones and tend to be longer, including 2 to 3 words which help gain more traffic progressively.

Let’s take an example to understand this. If your primary keyword is “blockchain,” then your long-tail keywords can range from “best blockchain company” to “top blockchain platforms.”

These keywords are related to your main keywords, which help drive traffic with lesser competition. A blockchain pr agency will be able to guide you on how you can utilize such strategies.
Optimize Visual Content: Videos and Images
Isn’t it boring to look at plain text with zero visual content? This is why images and videos continue to be a large aspect of SEO and UX.

Users like to receive information through various mediums such as text or images, but since we prefer visual beings, we tend to be more engaged with videos and images. In particular, video content seems to garner more attention than other mediums and also drives more traffic.

Optimize videos and images to communicate your message to all users.
Optimize Voice Search
Voice search has been increasingly rising and changing how SEO works. According to statistics, mobile voice search is used by nearly one-third or 27% of all online users worldwide.

Optimizing voice search results has many advantages, including attracting more visitors, higher traffic, greater authority, and more conversations.

Your voice search SEO should contain elements such as long-tail keywords, questions, and conversation-like phrases.
Update Your Older Posts
Go back to your older posts and update them to become more fresh and interactive. Updating content will bring more traffic volume to your website. If you find your website’s older content to appear outdated, this is a fantastic way to build up fresher content for your audience.

This is a great way to ensure the reading audience is engaged, get more backlinks, and implement newer SEO techniques into your older posts to rank them higher.

Search through your older blogs and articles and see which ones didn’t receive much traffic. After this, get to upgrading them and inserting new information.
Repurpose Your Blogs and Articles
On the topic of older blogs and articles comes our next SEO strategy: repurpose them. By repurposing it, we mean converting your blogs and articles into video content and publishing them to get more traffic.

We are aware of the amount of attention video content receives, which is why optimizing your written content by changing them to being videos will increase your organic traffic and receive more exposure.
We have come towards the end of our SEO strategies list in 2022. By using these strategies, you can improve your SEO game and are effective in driving more traffic to your website.

Keep trying out various techniques to get an idea of what works best for your website. Also, don’t forget to monitor the results through analytical tools to work on the shortcomings.

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