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Mass Communication is a process of sending, receiving, and imparting information to a large audience in a verbal or written way. The mass communication industry has rapidly evolved, and numerous news channels and media companies have also launched. Knowing about the multiple career options after completing the Mass Communication course can help you decide what type of job you are interested in. 

A career in mass communication 

Mass Communication course is now more than just journalism alone, as great change has been observed now in media. A career in mass communication is not just high paying but also offers excellent job satisfaction. Below are the top career choices after Journalism and Mass Communication degrees from top colleges are:

1. Content writer

Content writers are the experts who create informative, educational, entertaining, and promotional content for print and digital media. They are primarily responsible for writing articles, blogs, white papers, website copy, product descriptions, manuals, brochures, and social media posts and following auditoria guidelines to develop original content. Their work also involves editing and proofreading their copy to make it error-free. 

2. Graphic designer 

These experts gain knowledge from top Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata and use tools or computers to design software to plan, develop and create graphical designs for communication. The work is based on client needs, and they also create a virtual demo independently. They work after good research, prepare a rough sketch, and develop the final work after approval. They create designs for magazines, books, labels, logos, films, and TV shows.

3. PR account executive 

The PR account executive is a person who manages different clients in print, broadcast, and online media. After completing the Mass Communication course, they generally work with PR firms or the PR department of large Organizations. They identify clients’ objectives, target odious, and conduct relevant industry markets and research. Their work comprises PR strategies that align with client requirements and budgets.

4. Event manager

A degree from top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata makes you an expert event manager. Your work is to implement and monitor many private and public events like family events, business events, sports events, celebrity events, seminars, conferences, etc. their work also involves finding and booking venues, getting permits, negating and leasing with suppliers. 

5. Journalist 

You can work as a journalist with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Your work is to investigate, gather and deliver information on many past, present, and coming events; their work involves searching for leads, building contacts, and also undertaking second-hand research. They write and present articles and opinion pieces for digital media.

6. Filmmaker 

A degree from top Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata can help you to become film directors who direct short, long, and documentary films. They also read, select and edit film scripts and decide the final narrative. They also organize casting, choose actors and actresses, and hire art directors and a team of comer’s technicians.

7. Information Specialist 

An information specialist is a person who compiles, updates, and manages information databases for many organizations in multiple sectors. They conduct resorts in specific areas, gather required data files, and organize and manage them. They create data reports and enable the distribution of management, staff, etc.

8. Director of communication 

He is an expert responsible for monitoring the information that flows from an Organization to the public. They oversee the communication team ad develop campaigns, direct public relations drive, and marketing strategies. Their job includes promoting the organization, representing it at media events, and responding to all queries by the media. 

The aspirant will need a graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication to make a career in mass communication, as it is a good start. Many best Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata, like Adamas University, offer media courses and training to aspirants and prepare them for a bright future.

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