belt Style for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is upon us & so are the festivities that include frivolous celebrations, Christmas dinners, house calls & friend gatherings. The upcoming events may require you to make a few purchases to make your presence more happening & impressive.

What are the purchases that you make during the festive season?

It includes clothes, shoes, accessories, rhinestone belts, cutleries, and everything possible to make the most of it. But what is that one thing we focus on a lot? That’s right! Our outfits. And to enhance the look, you should get belts perfect for the festivity- something bling and luxurious.

We have the perfect rhinestone black belts that you can pair and style with any of the outfits you have while making your old outfits turn new this season and making those jaws drop every time you enter a festive gathering.

How to Measure Your Belt Size

But before we proceed, let us know if you know your perfect black rhinestone belt size.

Belt sizes can be tricky. They usually don’t match your jeans or pants size. So please read the measurement instructions carefully. Most belt manufacturers recommend wearing the pants that the black rhinestone belt will be worn on and running the tape through the loops of the pants to measure your waist.

The center/middle hole of your black rhinestone belt is the right length, and the extra part is for when your size or weight increases or decreases.

Rhinestone Black Belt Choice

There is a wide range of men’s rhinestone black belts to suit any style. Some options can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans, while others are perfect for dressing up with a suit. Ideally, you will want a combination of both or something to complete every look that you make any day.

Your black rhinestone belt should match (or at least be pretty close to) your shoes in formal settings. So, choose colors and materials that are versatile enough to work with multiple shoes. Of course, this rule can be ignored if you are dressing casually.

We will leave the actual choice up to you. But to get you started shopping, here are some recommendations we can make for your rhinestone black belt selections.

Skinny Leather Belts

For many people, wearing rhinestone back belts that are narrower than their pant loops and failing to fill them is a big mistake. So why not set new trends instead of following them? Skinny leather belts in black rhinestones for men take a little more effort than regular-sized belts, but it’s all about the oomph you want to add to your look. Thin rhinestone black belts are usually more elegant and formal than broad rhinestone belts. On the other hand, belts don’t look dainty, so wear them balanced with materials and colors that don’t feel heavy.

Also, depending on the occasion, rhinestone belts can be worn, adding energy and personality to your outfit. How about pairing your solid black formal wear with a green rhinestone studded belt? Or maybe go monochrome with a black rhinestone belt. Awesome right?

Cotton Belts

Your outfit could use a fabric belt! Fabric belts are rather charming when paired with jeans & casual wear for occasions such as holiday parties. Yes, that is exactly what we are preparing for! Canvas and fabric belts are the most commonly used fabric belts of all patterns. The texture of fabric belts gently wraps around the waist without the stiff feeling of leather. You can still shine by pairing black rhinestone belts with your outfits for this festive season.

Thin Suede Belts

A suede belt adds class and charm to any outfit. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is popular with both men and women. Its versatility makes it easy to combine with other outfits. You can also choose a rubberized or leather-covered buckle that gives it a trendy look, especially if it has rhinestone studded belts.

Thin rhinestone black suede belts can provide a great contrast to your formal attire for traditional events. For example, pair your dark-fit collared shirt, & coat with a light brown colored thin rhinestone belt or a light suit with a dark brown or black thin rhinestone leather belt. This trick will bring out the best in your formal wear with a striking effect.

Utility Inspired Belts

We have already covered the basics of fashion. It’s time to add something with a little extra room – something inspired and useful. After all, a belt has to be practical. Rugged fabrics, textures, and even a waist bag are options worth considering. Even better, choose styles with buckles inspired by backpacks and seat belts.

Rhinestone Belts

The belts mentioned above are all good. It’s your choice if you want to add some bling to your casual outfits as well. But for holiday parties, there is no better option than going with only a rhinestone belt.

The safer belt options can be boring – they may look plain and may not help you stand out. However, they serve the function quite well, but if you want your belt to help you stand out, you need a black rhinestone belt. Rhinestone black belts come with leather straps that are studded with rhinestones and sometimes the buckle also features rhinestone studding – this makes your belt shine! Head turner, right?

If your closet is full of plain belts, add a little bit of flavor by adding a few rhinestone belts. For starters, we recommend a black rhinestone belt with a black buckle. Rhinestone black belts are versatile and luxurious – they will work well with most of your outfits.

Some Awesome Recommendations

Out of all belt styles, the black rhinestone belts are the most appropriate for holiday parties – especially if you like to break the norms. Hence our recommendations for holiday parties will primarily be black rhinestone belts.

Real Black Rhinestone Belt

This stunning rhinestone belt has a black strap embellished with black rhinestone crystals and a black metal buckle. The strap is bordered with a thin metal chain. If you love black, you should grab this belt for yourself.

Black Strap with Purple Studded Rhinestone Belt

This rhinestone belt is an amazing one. This belt looks amazing, with a black strap studded with purple rhinestones and a metal chain bordering the strap.

White Strap with Transparent Crystals Studded Rhinestone Belt

This belt features a white alligator strap which is embellished with transparent rhinestones.

Purple Strap with White & Purple Studded Rhinestone Belt

This faux leather rhinestone belt is unique and dashing. The strap is embellished with purple and clear rhinestones and bordered with a thin metal chain. This belt looks luxurious!

End Note

Nothing is more elegant than a simple or even a rhinestone-studded belt that is rightly paired with your outfit. So, if you are stylish, you need to know about great belts and work with your holiday outfits. But, of course, the belt you decide to wear must be made from high-quality material and fit your waist perfectly.

If you want to be the center of attention at holiday parties, wrapping a good rhinestone belt around your waist will help you stand out.