Difference Between A Baby Lotion And A Baby Cream

A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and we are all aware of that. You put one wrong thing that is not meant for their skin, and it will lead them to having allergic reactions. 

But before you start looking for the best baby lotions and baby cream brands, it is important that you understand the differences first.

Keep reading to find out more about it!

What is a Baby Cream?

Baby cream is a mixture of oil and water, which is used to keep a baby’s sensitive and fragile skin secure from dryness and irritation by keeping the skin moisturized. The ideal baby cream texture should be not too greasy but thick enough. The baby cream is mainly used on a baby’s knees, elbows, cheeks, and nose.

Things to look out for in a baby cream!

Baby skincare products are not as easy to buy as buying pop it fidget toy. A lot must be considered before coming to a decision. The most important characteristics of a baby cream are:

  • It should be non-greasy and easily absorbable
  • It should have the capacity to restore the pH balance of a baby’s skin
  • It should work as a barrier for the skin against aridity
  • Should support the natural lipid balance
  • It should be hypoallergenic
  • The product should be dermatologically tested and clinically proven
  • It should aid in restoring the natural moisture of the skin
  • It should be free from any harmful ingredients like Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Silicon Oil, Paraffin, etc.

Is it safe for a newborn baby?

At present times, the creams available on the market may not actually be safe for babies as most of them contain harmful ingredients which can cause acne, irritation, and allergy in babies.

An example of one such ever-present harmful ingredient in baby creams is fragrance – which is the leading cause of allergy happening to babies, as proven by research done by the American Academy of Dermatology.

A few other examples of such harmful ingredients would be Ceteareth which causes damage to the kidneys, nervous system, and liver, Benzalkonium Chloride, which leads to babies having skin allergies. Meanwhile, cetyl alcohol, tetrasodium EDTA, and mineral oil are all injurious to the baby’s skin.

Hence, it would be best to avoid the usage of baby creams immediately after a baby’s birth. If you are really keen on using a baby cream on your newborn, then I would suggest you to consult with a pediatrician for the same cream.

What is a Baby Lotion?

Lotions meant for babies are frequently used for softening the baby’s skin by nourishing it. It is applied on the skin of a baby to prevent dryness of the skin and to maintain the moisture level by providing relief from skin irritations.

It is made by a mixture of water and oil in an ideal proportion.

Things to look out for in a baby lotion!

The most important characteristics of a baby lotion are:

  • It must contain Olive Oil as it is rich in Vitamin E and that aids in fostering the skin from getting dry and makes the skin healthy, soft, and supple.
  • It must contain almond oil as well as which acts as a skin softener
  • It must not contain fragrance
  • Ceramides should be there in the ingredients list as that helps in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin.

Is it safe for a newborn?

Newborn babies generally do not need any lotion to keep their skin moisturized for at least from one month onwards from when they were born. Now, as a mom, if you really feel that your baby really needs it and has a really flaky skin which peels easily then you could consult a doctor and get recommendations from them.

They could suggest products that are specially formulated for a newborn’s skin. Olive oil is best for your baby, at least for the few immediate months after birth. You could even use it as a baby massage oil.


  1. Is it safe to use lotions on newborns?

A: Unless your pediatrician advises otherwise, using a moisturizing lotion on your infant is acceptable and safe. The type of lotion you are applying should be kept in mind.

  1. Is baby cream necessary?

A: Lotions are frequently used by parents. But lotions aren’t actually necessary unless the baby’s skin is extremely dry. Powders should not be used unless specifically advised to do so by your baby’s doctor.

  1. Is cream more moisturizing than lotions?

A: A 50/50 mixture of water and oil makes up creams, which offer a thicker barrier for maintaining your skin’s moisture. Because creams contain more oil than lotions do, they tend to feel greasier. For really dry skin, creams work best.

  1. Do babies need lotion after a bath?

A: After a wash, most newborns don’t require lotion. Apply a tiny amount of unscented baby moisturizer to the dry regions of your baby’s skin if it is extremely dry. Your infant might feel better after the massage. You might be bathing your kid too frequently if the dryness persists.

To Wrap It Up! 

Hopefully, that settles the confusion once and for all about the difference between the two similar-sounding products – baby creams and baby lotions. Always know that baby skincare products should be bought only after consulting with a doctor or a specialist.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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