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Foreign nationals visiting China typically need a visa before entering the nation. For diverse purposes, China offers several different visas kinds. The letters identify subcategories of the standard China visa. Port visas can be requested upon arrival at specific entry ports in certain situations. Hong Kong and Macau’s Special Administrative Regions have immigration and visa processes. In this post, you can explore the different types of china visas:

Tourist Visa

Even the tourist visa holds various types depending upon the procedure. Here you can look into the types: The L visa is intended for less than 60 days and leisurely or recreational trips. The S1 visa is a long-term visa available to visitors who will see a relative living in China based on employment or academic study. Over 180 days may be spent in the country with this visa.

For visitors to China who are staying with family members who legally reside there for a job or school, the S2 visa is available for a brief time. For those traveling for extended periods to see family members who are Chinese citizens, a Q1 visa is available. Over 180 days may be spent in the country with this visa. For those seeking a short-term visa to visit family members who are Chinese citizens, there is the Q2 visa. A stay of fewer than 180 days is permitted under the terms of the visa.

Business Visa

This visa is typically granted as a multiple entry 10-year visa for American citizens, allowing applicants to visit China for up to 60 or 90 days to attend business meetings with a Chinese company.

Other Citizens will either receive a single entry 3-month visa with a 30-day maximum stay or a double entry visa 6 months, max duration of stay of 60 days.

Non-Commerce Visa

Before the M visa was created, the F visa was utilized as a business visa. Changes have been made to the F visa for noncommercial visits. To travel to China for research, lectures, scientific exchanges, cultural exchanges, and study tours, applicants must follow china visa application procedure.

Expected F visa issuance is only for single or double entries for non-trade or non-commerce. Each visit usually lasts for 30 to 90 days.

Work Visa

Those employed by a Chinese business or institution can obtain work visas. To apply visa for china, you must have a Foreign Expert’s Work Permit or an Alien Employment License. A three-month single entry visa with a 90-day maximum stay is issued. You must apply for a residency permit once you are in China.

Student Visa

After being accepted by a Chinese college, applicants are given a China Student X Visa. Student Visa is separated into two categories: X1 and X2. Students who spend more than six months studying in China are given the X1 visa. Those who visit China for less than six months with the same intent are given an X2.

A multiple entry X1 visa is typically granted and have a maximum 5-year validity period. The China Residence Permit will be provided in place of the X1 visa if the holder of the visa registers at the local public security department within 30 days of arrival. A single entry, six-month X2 permit is typically issued.

Family Visa

Chinese spouses or foreigners with Chinese ancestry are eligible for the China Q1 visa. They are issued to people traveling to China for family reunions or foster care or to those who are the direct family members of Chinese citizens or foreigners having permanent residence in China.

The possibility of a Q1 visa interview exists. You might, at their discretion, be given a Q2 visa by the Chinese Consulate. For getting china visa UK, you need to follow the certain procedures based on their country rules.

Final Words

When dealing with china visa Manchester, potential travelers to China are recommended to get in touch with their local embassy or consulate of China and seek professional guidance because regulations can vary from case to case. Read the above points and know about the types of china visa.