Holy Names University is a small and diverse institution. The ratio of faculty to students is 13:1 and a large portion of its faculty hold doctorates.

HNU’s Disability Support Services (DSS), office, works with the community to ensure that all aspects of campus life are accessible. DSS provides accommodation for housing and academics to students with disabilities, guided by the core values of the Sisters of the Holy Names that include devotion to justice, commitment for liberating action, as well as the complete development of the individual.

Accessibility Resources

The Disability Support Services (DSS) office at Holy Names University provides both accommodation for academics and housing for students with disabilities.

The DSS office collaborates closely with the academic department of the student to determine the best accommodation that will allow the student to pursue an education at Holy Names University. To request accommodation, you will require proof from a licensed professional such as a doctor or mental health professional.

. This is especially crucial for students who require help or services from non-University organizations for example, medical or mental care provider, to meet their disability requirements.

There are currently 8 undergraduate students who identify as disabled. They are mostly in the bachelor’s degree programs.

. The Accessibility Resource Center worked with Sarah to develop a plan that allowed her to finish her degree and pursue nursing careers.

Holy Names University offers many accessibility resources, including academic accommodations through the DSS office. They include the campus map, accessible parking, and the Accessibility Resource Center.

Holy Names University is a private college in Oakland, California that offers degrees in sciences and arts, nursing, business administration, early childhood education, and educational leadership.

As of fall 2022, Holy Names enrolled just 709 undergraduates and fewer than 1,000 graduate students.

For the past several years the school has been losing money. According to its annual report to lenders, it hasn’t posted an operating surplus since most 2018.

The school was one of numerous small, non-profit colleges that have shut down or merged or are closing within the last few weeks. It joins a host of other institutions which have seen their enrollment decrease over the last year as economic conditions have affected their costs.

Academic Accommodations

. The Office of Disability Support aims to help achieve this by providing courses and resources for students with disabilities.

Requesting accommodations requires an interactive process that requires the submission of documentation and an interview. Students with disabilities can receive accommodations to enable them to achieve success in college by providing the same opportunities and academic rigorousness.

Students must register with the Accessibility Resource Office to be qualified for accommodations. They are responsible for identifying their disabilities and requesting accommodations. They are also responsible for providing the proper documentation.

Documentation should be provided by a qualified professional like a psychologist, doctor, or another health care provider. It must include a formal diagnosis, the impact of the disability on the student’s life and recommendations for reasonable accommodations.

The ARO will then contact the student with the accommodation decision.

Students could be eligible for supplemental accommodations depending on the degree of their handicap. Students should also consult with their teacher to discuss the efficacy of these accommodations.

Emotional Support Animals & Assistance Animals

The office has been certified in assistive technology and can assist students with learning disabilities implement adaptive classroom instruction.

Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services department provides a range of support to students with disabilities.

Holy Names University, a Catholic university in Oakland, California, has a mission of serving diverse student populations. Looking for best disability service in melbourne?

It also assists in helping develop critical thinking skills and allows students to become self-authors within the classroom.

Accommodations are not retroactive and must be accompanied by medical or professional documentation from a properly qualified healthcare provider.

The documentation should include: a diagnosis, date and evaluation current functional impact/limitations as well as current medications and assistive devices.

Students must notify the Disability Services office in a prompt manner about the need for accommodations. They must follow all the guidelines to make use of these.

Student Resources

Holy Names University has a number of resources for students for students with disabilities.

The university also offers an Upward Bound program, which prepares high school students with disabilities to be successful in college.

The Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement is another important resource. It offers a variety of community-based leadership and service-learning programs. The CSJCE has a special emphasis on promoting awareness of social issues as well as equity, diversity and justice.

These activities include concert nights, movie nights and art exhibits. Students can also take part in book talks and other events for fun and to learn about local issues.

The university also offers various financial aid options to students with disabilities. These include loans, grants or scholarships, as well as employment-related financial aid.


Students should submit documentation from a qualified health care provider to request reasonable accommodations. This could be a doctor or mental healthcare professional.