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According to the EPA, the average global temperature has increased by nearly 2F over the last 100 years. This has triggered a host of climate changes, including drought, flood, heat waves, and more. If you’re feeling the impact of climate change in the form of anxiety, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are ways that you can combat consternation in a variety of ways, including making small changes to your lifestyle or having a greater impact through activism.

Here, presents a few strategies to help you manage your anxiety while making positive environmental changes.Joe Does Solar presents

Activism at Work

The best thing that many of us can do to combat climate change is to start a business that focuses on the environment. This might be recycling, helping people lower their carbon footprint or any other activity that reduces the burden currently felt by our shared planets. If you start a business, make sure that you choose from S-corps or another business structure that lets you save on self-employment taxes and claim tax deductions and losses. A quick tip here is to file online, so you’re not spending the time, money, and carbon driving to an attorney’s office.

Go Paperless with Digital Documents and Business Cards

If you have a business or are starting a new one, consider going paperless to also help your environmental efforts. There are many benefits of this, including saving trees and having the convenience of never losing a paper file.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can scan paper records and save them as a PDF, which you can also split, edit, and merge using free online tools. You can go with a PDF merger if you’d like to organize related documents into one file for easy access later. These tools are simple and easy to use. Just drop in files, arrange them, and save the updated version!

You can also use a PDF as a digital form of a business card. When you make business cards that are digital you can post them on all your online platforms, including your website and on your social media channels. What’s more, you can email them to those whom you want to be aware of your cause. Designing a personalized business card is easy when you use pre-made templates that you can customize by adding images, text, and color schemes – give this tool a try if you’re interested.

Get With Like-Minded Individuals

To have the greatest impact, combine your efforts with those of others. This could be something as simple (and yet beneficial) as riding together to work each day to reduce carbon emissions. You may also find friendship and camaraderie by searching the many environmental groups in the United States. This is a great way to create a network of like-minded individuals that you can get together with, pool your resources, and work toward a greater goal.

Shop Local

Aside from the fact that you experience better quality and customer service by shopping locally, there is a direct environmental impact as well. When you shop locally, you can reduce your automobile miles by up to 26%. You also help to create jobs, and nearly 68% of every $100 remains in your local economy versus just 43% when you spend money on a national supply chain.

Importantly, buying local encourages skilled workers and entrepreneurs to come into your town. These individuals will have an economic impact, and it may also lead to a community-wide interest in green spaces, especially in urban areas.

Invest in Solar

Going solar at home can have numerous benefits. By using renewable energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. Additionally, you can save on your electricity bills by generating your own power and even receive credits for excess energy that you produce.

With advancements in solar technology, it is now more accessible and affordable than ever to make the switch to solar power. Investing in solar panels for your home not only benefits the planet but also your wallet.

Follow Common Sense Advice at Home

Small changes can lead to a big impact, and many of the things you do to save the environment can also help you assuage your anxiety. Just a few tips here include:

  • Go to bed earlier. Not only will you get better sleep, but turning the lights off saves energy.
  • Grow a garden. Gardening is great for relieving stress and also offers you fresh food right at your back door.
  • Walk or bike instead of drive. If you’re heading less than a few miles away, leave the keys behind and walk or bike.

Stay Calm and Keep Making Changes

We are all concerned about climate change. Thankfully, together, we can make a difference in the future for our children and grandchildren. From digitizing your files to opening a business that lets you fight the good fight to sticking with local goods and service providers, every step you take now will benefit those who will come after us.