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Who is Diego?

Diego Tinoco is a television actress and model from Anaheim, California, United States. Cesar Diaz in On My Block (2018), Mateo in Teen Wolf (2016), Diego in Welcome to Valhalla(2017), and Marco in Drizzle of Hope are some of his prominent roles.

Diego is not only a skilled actor, but he’s still attractive, serving as a role model for several aspiring actors and promising a long and healthy career in Hollywood with a diverse set of skills.

He was birthed in Anaheim, California, in the United States. There isn’t much information about his family background, early life, or education.


He has an older sibling. He is a citizen of the United States. He adheres to the Christian faith. Since he was a child, he has had a strong interest in performing. He debuted as an actor in the 2015 mini-drama film “Drizzle of Hope,” in which he played Marco. The same year, he earned his television debut as Mateo, a member of the lacrosse team, in a single show of the sixth season of the popular television series’ Teen Wolf.’ What started as a simple pastime for Diego turned into a complete profession that has seen him taking on more major positions. He won Diego’s starring part in the short-action crime movie “Welcome To Valhalla,” which premiered on September 5, 2017.

Personal Life

Diego hasn’t said much about his current romantic relationships, past relationships, or dating history, although some sources claim that he broke up with his girlfriend when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He gets along well with his “On My Block” co-stars, especially Sierra Capri, who plays his on-screen love interest and best friend and has now grown to be a close friend in real life.

Diego Tinoco’s Professional Career

Since he was a child, Diego Tinoco has had a great deal of interest in the entertainment business. He was inspired by the well-known American actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He maintained a very secluded existence, therefore little information about his childhood and adolescence is known. He began his acting career when he was 18 years old, appearing in the short film “Drizzle of Hope.” He played the character of Marco in that film.

Era of success

Aside from that, he has appeared in several television shows. Similarly, he made a guest appearance in the 2016 series “teen Wolf.” Following that, he appeared in Greeting To Valhalla, a crime film that went on to become highly popular. However, after appearing on the popular Netflix series “On My Block,” his life altered dramatically. Cesar Diaz, who is pushed to join a gang after his brother’s release from prison, was his character in this film. This series won numerous honors and received high appreciation from reviewers for its portrayal.

It was awarded the prestigious “Choice Breakout TV Show” award in 2018. Aside from all of this, Diego has created a reputation for himself as a popular social media star. His Twitter account has more than 100,000 followers. He has nearly 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Diego Tinoco’s Interesting Facts

  • His father is from Mexico, and his mother is from Colombia.
  • He considers his time in school in the eighth grade to be the best of his life.
  • Diego Tinoco aspires to be a performer shortly.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio inspired him to pursue acting.
  • While he was born and raised, he was identified with Vitiligo, a skin ailment.
  • At the age of 16, Diego attempted acting as a hobby, became enamored with it, and persisted with it.
  • Diego’s father is Mexican, and his mother is Colombian. He is of Mexican, Colombian, and Ecuadorian descent and nationality. He resides in the United States of America.
  • In Los Angeles, Diego delivered Emmy Awards alongside Latina actress Jessica Marie Garcia.
  • Favorite television show: Diego has appeared in several recent TV shows, including La Casa De Papel, American Horror Story, Riverdale, Stranger Things, Narcos, and 13 Reasons Why.
  • He views his time in grade 8 to be the best and most interesting period of his life.
  • Diego wishes to pursue a career in music in the future.
  • Diego was encouraged to pursue acting by Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • The best piece of advice he obtained was to stay loyal to himself.
  • He frequents the “In N Out” restaurant.

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 He was identified with vitiligo as a child, a skin ailment in which the skin becomes patchy, thus he wore long sleeve shirts. Michael Jackson suffered from the same ailment. He was teased by his peers, so he found solace in skating with his older pals, who were unconcerned with his condition. It faded away as he grew older.

  • Before posing for photos, he loves to go shirtless or with a cigar in his mouth.
  • Diego stars as Cesar in the Netflix original series On My Block, an adolescent comedic drama in which he is one of the four main characters. He spent roughly seven months working with postmates at various restaurants until winning his position on “On My Block.”
  • When Diego traveled to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor, he broke up with his girlfriend.

Teen Wolf

  • He was a member of the lacrosse team on the Teen Wolf show.
  • He was a Lacrosse player in high school. He is also seen playing Lacrosse in one of the episodes of “Teen Wolf.”
  • He claimed from one of the interviews that he hides from the public by wearing baseball caps and hoods and is always ready for a photo if asked.

Most embarrassing incident

At a party, he was ridiculed by his co-stars (Sierra, Jason, and Brett) for his mediocre dancing abilities.

Sierra Capri and Diego enjoy a tight bond, and some believe they are more than pals. They are frequently spotted together during events, such as the ‘Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2018.

Diego’s favorite moment from “On MY Block” is the following: The tenth episode Cesar in front of Monse’s window

do something

 Diego collaborated with DoSomething in 2018 and starred in another one of their advertisements.