female viking braids

If you’re looking for beautiful Viking braids on women that many actors are sporting these days with the abundance of historical hairstyle models on TV shows, there’s hardly any room to be creative! So, we couldn’t resist being captivated by every braided style we came across in every hot scene! So, this is precisely what each woman would like. This is to not be out of the eye and certainly not to be ignored!

What are the applicable terms for Viking braids?

Viking braids are a unique and stylish hairstyle originating from the ancient Nordic culture. The most commonly used terms associated with this hairstyle include cornrows, braids, dreadlocks, and plaits. The hairstyle is often characterized by tight, interwoven braids styled into intricate patterns. To create a Viking braid, one needs to understand hair braiding techniques and be skilled in using different braiding tools. Other important terms to remember when discussing Viking braids include hair type, hair length, and the desired style, ranging from simple and classic to elaborate and decorative.

There are numerous renowned Viking hairdos. The Nordic Braid, often known as “The Viking Braid,” is one of our favorites. For men and women wishing to channel their internal warrior, this fashionable design has evolved into one of the most trendy braided hairstyles in the latest days.

Female Viking Braids

We can all agree that every person has felt captivated by the fierce warrior women from our past. We read about these women in epic tales of rivalry and women who left significant footprints. It’s up to you, whether it’s Daenerys Targaryen, also known as ” Mother of Dragons” from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” or the mighty warrior Xena from Xena: The Warrior Princess as well as Lathgertha in “The Vikings” there’s a vast range of how-to Viking braids women as well as DIYs to explore in the next section!

In comparison to other hairstyles, braids require the least amount of equipment. But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit braids from being among the most flexible of all. To create these intricate braids, you’ll require:

  1. Rat’s tail comb for accuracy divides each braid.
  2. Hair clips are used to keep the braids separate from the loose hair portion.
  3. Elastic bands that secure the braid’s ends.
  4. Hairspray ensures every braid stays put with no flyouts at all.
  5. Bobby’s pins are used to pin each braid to the correct position.

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Top 15 Best Female Viking Braids

1. Three Braids

Making your braids appear more full and structured has never been simpler. After you’ve created your half-up, half-down style using Viking braids, remove the edges to provide further dimension. Apply hair spray to hold the style straight and in place.

2. Crimped Hair and Viking Braids

The hair can be crimped with an iron that is small before creating your hairstyle is one of the tricks used by stylists to make your hair and the hair roots more bulk. Make a final braid that begins from one side and moves to the opposite. Please use another hairpiece to braid it and create the knitted wreath.

3. Ginger Braids

With such a great length and color, hairstyles are endless. Hairstyle the crown to the back of your head in a ponytail-like style. Create your thin, long braids below and embellish them with hair rings made of leather.

4. Complex Braids With Shaved Sides

Braids and undercuts were often used in the styling of Viking hair. The modern interpretation is trendy, with a silver-gray hair color and sides shaved. The braids are styled mainly at the top, which gives the hairstyle volume.

5. Warrior Braids

Cosplay is a different way for keeping Viking braided hairstyles in the present. To make an image, braids play a crucial part. Utilize colored hair extensions and colored threads to grow the hair and create your braids.

6. One-Sided Braid

Vikings had braids for their hair while fighting, and their styles were stunning. Today, we’ve copied these designs and adapted them to the modern-day. You’ll need to create a French hairstyle on the other side and follow the hairline to recreate this style.

7. Fishtail Braid

Inspired by Viking braids, The hairstyle takes an elegant way of various knitting techniques. It’s a half-up-down hairstyle that utilizes the fishtail braid as a focal point. If you’re attending a wedding or a party, complete your hairstyle by adding soft waves and curls.

8. Dutch Cornrows

Do you want to make your braids bigger? Do you? Dutch yarns can be best to provide you with that extra volume. Also, you can treat your hair with a spray before braiding loosely. Additionally, for a stunning effect, style three pieces and focus the attention at the center.

9. Nest Braids

Chic, intricate and dashing! Make several thin braids and utilize small rubber bands to secure the braids in a row. Follow the above pattern, and you’ll have a beautifully braided nest over the top of the hair. Ensure the hair beneath is at a good combed state and then falls onto your back.

10. Curvy Viking Braids

If you want to increase your braid’s bulk and thickness, We suggest using the crimping iron in a small amount before making the braid. Start your braid on one side, and then create a zig-zag pattern. If you’ve got an ombre, your Viking braid blends all the subtleties perfectly.

11. The Khaleesi Style

It is the most effortless hairstyle that Daenerys Targaryen had ever worn during Game Of Thrones. Therefore, it is ideal for girls who aren’t tolerant or have little time to do hairstyling. Another advantage of this model is that it’s too simple to fret whether it is completed precisely.

12. The Sansa Stark Viking Braid

This simple French braid double hairstyle is more complex than the previous style, but it’s still considered doable and stunning. In addition to making you look pretty, it doesn’t need any additional problems like hair extensions or any special equipment! Furthermore, it can be used on straight, wavy, or curly hair.

13. Halo Braid + Bold Undercut

Get ready to take on any challenge! These cuts can’t look more stylish than with the halo crown braid that was that is inspired from the legendary Viking age to add some spice. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll style for those with short hair seeking an elegant and chic haircut to show off their bold feminine traits.

14. Red And Blooming

However hard we make an effort to stay away from the enthralling Viking adventure the show Game of Thrones gives us, their compelling hairstyles are a given! There are so many theories around the purpose behind the powerful and mysterious “Red woman” we can’t resist looking at her beautiful red-colored hair that is burgundy.

In addition to working well with her skin tone, It also fits perfectly with the natural settings surrounding her. It blends her with the surroundings, particularly when paired with natural hair accessories such as the vines tangled in braid knots, as seen in the above image. Also, don’t forget to mention the locks left loose to hang to the opposite side of your face to increase your femininity.

15. Ethereal Unicorn-Like Glory

Since pastel hues are the moment’s fashion, particularly during summer, why not blend the beautiful unicorn-like look with Viking braids’ muscular, strong style on women to give yourself some stylish summer looks? Undoubtedly, the result will be a kind of rainbow unicorn power.


Many men and women in the Viking culture donned braids. Viking braids were frequently utilized as a social rank indicator. Beads rings made of metal, and other objects were often used to adorn Viking braids. Triple threads of hair were typically used to create Viking braids.