All You need to know about John Travolta net worth


American actor, dancer, singer, and film producer John Joseph Travolta hails from New Jersey. Travolta first gained fame in the 1970s, starring in such films as Saturday Night Fever and Grease and appearing on the television series “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

Early Life

Born on the 18th of February, 1954, in New Jersey, John Joseph Travolta is an American actor. Despite his semi-advanced football playing ability, his father owned a tire shop while his mother was an actress and singer. In addition to his high school education, Travolta, the youngest of six children, dropped out of his junior year as a 17-year-old. 

The couple had three children together after Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991. During a trip to the Bahamas, Jett, the couple’s 16-year-old eldest son, died while on vacation. Seizures were listed as the official cause of death. The actor’s son suffered from autism and seizures on a regular basis. Jett Travolta Foundation was established in memory of his son, who was born with a disability. The foundation offers services to children with disabilities.

Personal life

Travolta married the actress Kelly Preston in 1991, and the two went on to have three children together. Their oldest kid, Jett, who was 16, passed away in the Bahamas while on vacation on January 2, 2009. The official cause of death was listed as an epileptic seizure. Travolta has revealed that his son has autism as well as regular seizures. In memory of his son, Travolta established the Jett Travolta Foundation, which supports children with special needs.


While he was living in New York, Travolta played in both a Broadway hit and a touring company of the musical Grease. Vinnie Barbarino was his character in the ABC television sitcom, ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’, which aired from 1975 to 1979. This was how he became famous. “Look Who’s Talking”, which was released in 1989, brought in $297 million in earnings. There were two sequels to Look Who’s Talking Too: In the intervening years, one was called “Look Who’s Talking Now”, and the other “Look Who’s Talking Too”.

John who’s 1997 film Face/Off was a commercial and critical success. Nicholas Cage starred as an FBI agent and John Travolta starred as a terrorist in the movie. His acting credits include the 1999 murder mystery movie ‘The General’s Daughter’ created by Simon West based on Nelson DeMille’s novel of the same name. According to his net worth as of 2021, John Travolta possesses $250 million. 


A few moments in John Travolta’s career worth mentioning include:

  • His role in the movie Grease (1978) 
  • The movie Pulp Fiction (1994) and many others. 
  • The movie Hairspray was released in 2007. 
  • In 2018, the movie Gotti was released. 

John Travolta quotes you should know

Diana had confidence, which made her a great dancer. As we danced together, she took the lead, and I grabbed her around the waist and said, “No, let me lead.” So I grabbed her around the waist and came riding.”

A friend and I took a road trip after college. We had no problems. Nobody asked us out. Despite the temperature being over 800 degrees one time in Texas, we had no problems. I was wearing shorts and nothing else when a motorcycle cop pulled up next to me and said, ‘Come on, get on, let’s go!go!go! I was shocked when I opened my eyes to discover we were in the middle of a huge state funeral. Around forty black Cadillacs are parked in a row. Two naked guys are inside a green van called Mr. Greenjeans.”

Toxic masculinity is not where it’s at

As the epitome of toxic masculinity, the T-Birds deserve to be thrown out. Intoxicating rhetoric characterizes this production. Sandy tries to say hello to Danny in front of his fellow T-Birds so Danny isn’t seen as a right wimp who has feelings. He pretends not to know who Sandy is so he doesn’t look like a true wimp.

Women are treated like conquests by most of the boys in the music and there are some seriously dangerous rape-culture lines such as: “Tell me more, tell me more / did she put up a fight?””

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John Travolta net worth:

A Broadway debut for Travolta occurred with Grease and Over Here! He shot to fame as Vinnie Barbarino in the hit TV series, Welcome Back Kotter. In addition to his Academy Award nominations and Golden Globe, Get Shorty also garnered many accolades. As of 2021, John Travolta’s net worth is $250 million.

Real Estate:

The Travoltas acquired a 2.35-acre mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for $3.5 million in 1993. Property features a large pool, tennis court, tennis and playground, an 8,100 square foot house with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. A mega-producer/manager named Scooter Braun bought the residence for $18 million from the neighbors in January 2020. The lot next door was purchased for $13.1 million by Braun and his wife Yael Cohen in 2014. This dual-family home in Calabasas in Los Angeles, purchased by John and Kelly in September of 2019, is worth $2.65 million.

Aside from their California home, the Travoltas owns a 50-acre estate in Maine, a mansion near the headquarters of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida, and a really unique house in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates neighborhood of Ocala, Florida. Large planes can land at this neighborhood’s private airport. One of their first purchases was land in this neighborhood. As a veteran aviator, Travolta’s multiple aircraft can use the runway.

Some interesting facts about John Travolta

John Travolta is a famous American actor, producer, and singer who has had a long and illustrious career in Hollywood. Here are some unique facts about him:

  1. He is a licensed pilot and owns several planes, including a Boeing 707 that he named Jett Clipper Ella after his children and his wife.
  2. In addition to his acting skills, John Travolta is an accomplished dancer and starred in several popular musicals, including Grease and Saturday Night Fever.
  3. He is a practicing Scientologist and has been a member of the Church of Scientology since 1975.
  4. John Travolta has been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991, and the couple has three children together. Unfortunately, Preston passed away in 2020 due to breast cancer.
  5. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards for his Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever roles.
  6. Travolta is known for his charity work, including his involvement in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.
  7. He has starred in over 60 films and made several television appearances throughout his career.
  8. Travolta is fluent in Italian and has dubbed his lines in Italian for some of his films, including Pulp Fiction and Swordfish.
  9. In addition to acting, John Travolta released several albums and singles, including the hit song “Let Her In” in 1976.