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Wisdom teeth are a sign that you are now a fully grown young man or woman. It marks the beginning of your adult life. But at the same time, these teeth even manifest that they are the last teeth to emerge into the mouth.

They typically erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, at the last in the row of teeth, and can be felt by the tongue even before they come. In most cases, they are almost ignored by an individual until they are impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth can prompt acute pain and severe dental problems. Many times, they are vulnerable to plaque buildup and gum disease. Such events occur when these wisdom teeth are misaligned from their actual positions.

Therefore, people are often recommended for clear braces treatment, Everett, to ensure teeth are grown healthily. But some treatments are given before wisdom teeth are fully developed. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to learn the early symptoms first.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth When They Are Erupting

Most individuals experience the following symptoms before their wisdom teeth erupt. If you are also 17 or above, you must watch them carefully.

  • Pain in the area—typically behind the mouth—can signal that a wisdom tooth is coming.
  • Pain that is extremely irritating and is directed toward the eyes before reaching the head
  • Swollen gums and cuts in the gums are also common symptoms.
  • Some people experience throbbing pressure in the gums, reaching to the neck and back of the mouth.
  • As wisdom teeth try to emerge, headaches are common.

Getting Your First Wisdom Teeth? Let’s find out how it feels.

The experience is quite different for everyone. Most people experience jaw and gum pain when wisdom teeth erupt, but for others, it’s just a normal tooth eruption.

But in certain rare cases, it has been found that people experience intense pain in their jaws, mouths, and teeth. The pain typically spreads to the other facial features, and headaches are also common.

However, mild pain is OK, as it may happen due to mild pressure on the jaw and mouth from this third wisdom tooth. The pain is most commonly triggered either due to misaligned teeth or because of underbites and overbites.

So stay alert, because this could call for emergency orthodontics in Everett. Reach out to an expert in orthodontics if you want to proactively tackle upcoming challenges or dental troubles.

If dentists determine that wisdom teeth removal is necessary, they may begin the procedure.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

There are some scenarios when your wisdom teeth can be removed, but what are they? Let’s help you understand the scenarios which call for this step.

Wisdom teeth that have impacted

One of the most common reasons for wanting your wisdom teeth removed is if the tooth has been chipped. It typically happens when the tooth has less space to emerge healthily. As a result, the patient may need to undergo a certain kind of surgical procedure.

Irritating and painful

Any pain or irritation in your wisdom teeth can make life a living hell. Get in touch with your dentist as soon as you feel that the pain is persistent. Prior to treatment, they may conduct an early checkup or an X-ray to examine the patient’s underlying condition. Pain relievers are given until then.

 Incorrect Growth

Incorrect growth of misaligned teeth may force dentists to extract them in order to relieve the patient. If left untreated, the teeth will keep taking up more space within the mouth, resulting in painful days.

 Misaligned Teeth

Well, you must seek emergency orthodontics in case the teeth are misaligned and causing trouble. In most cases, removing teeth isn’t necessary because the dentist will realign them to a healthy position again.

Eating Difficulties

Most people sense persistent pain upon chewing food or performing biting functions. Your eating habits can be significantly impacted in several ways. So it is best to get it removed as early as possible.


There’s always a possible breeding ground for cavities in wisdom teeth. If you are failing to commit yourself to hygienic oral care, your wisdom teeth may have to be removed permanently.

When does one need to get their wisdom teeth removed?

The reasons are manifold for when it is ideal to remove your wisdom teeth. If you have recently reached adulthood, start saving the address of an orthodontist near me. Your wisdom teeth may be permanently removed or they may be prevented from deteriorating if you have an expert make the recommendation.

Final Thoughts

You must be proud of yourself if you are getting your first wisdom teeth. It is a clear sign that you have fully grown up. But with that, you need to make sure that they erupt correctly. If necessary, seek clear braces treatment in Everett to ensure that these new teeth are perfectly aligned with the rest of your teeth, contributing towards your perfect smile.

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