How Long Until Teeth are Straight with Invisalign?

Due to its benefits, Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, is gaining popularity. It is specially made for those who are particularly self-conscious about how they look when wearing braces.

An orthodontic treatment for Invisalign in Enid, OK is employed not just for improving the smile aesthetics but also for improvising the functioning of the jaw and teeth for the biting and chewing processes.

One of the very first questions that every patient asks while opting for Invisalign is how long it takes to straighten the teeth with Invisalign. The most simple and uncomplicated answer to this is that it depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. Let’s delve deeper to know more.

The Average Duration

Straightening teeth with Invisalign can sometimes be completed well within six months, provided the condition of the individual. However, let’s consider the average length of time that the Invisalign process typically takes. It is between twelve and eighteen months.

In the world of orthodontics, there are occasionally more complicated circumstances. These are instances of excessive tooth crowding. Due to the severe degree of misalignment, it would take at least 24 months to realign the teeth in this case. The course of treatment can be slightly extended.

Some crowding conditions are too severe to be candidates for Invisalign treatment. Metal braces enter the picture, then.

The Length of Time is Never the Same for Two Patients

Your estimate could be incorrect if you are trying to calculate the average time somewhere by evaluating the condition of another patient who is in the same zone. This is because no two patients’ teeth-straightening processes can ever take the same amount of time.

One may require Enid emergency care, but the other may be able to receive care under a standard care plan. As a result, the precise time figure is never given.

The amount of time it takes is determined by the patient’s health and how their requirements change from one type of orthodontic therapy to another, which depends upon a variety of things.

Why Does the timeline needed for Invisalign Treatment Period Vary?

The time needed to properly complete the Invisalign procedure from start to end varies from case to case. In some cases, it may also depend on the type of treatment opted for. Your skilled orthodontist will be able to better describe how long it will take to straighten and fix your teeth using Invisalign.

However, there are a few key elements that affect how long the Invisalign teeth-straightening procedure will take in total:

1. The required amount of tooth movement

The full procedure typically takes no longer than six months if there is only a little misalignment or if the teeth don’t need to be shifted too far.

The period could be prolonged to 24 months if the teeth need to be relocated excessively and completely repositioned or if the primary goal changes overall. As a result, the principal purpose in this situation influences how much time is allocated.

2. The complexity

More severity indicates that it will take longer to straighten your teeth with orthodontic braces, Enid, OK. Therefore, the length of time it takes for the patient’s teeth to return to their original place directly depends on how severely misaligned they are.

More complications would lengthen the course of treatment, but they would also require greater attention to detail. Once the aligners are taken out, the retainers are also expected to be worn. Therefore, extreme caution is required if one wants quicker results.

3. Following the procedure

Another crucial factor that affects how compliant the patient is with wearing and carrying their aligners is how long the treatment will take. On average, patients should wear their aligners for somewhere around 20 to 22 hours every day. These aligners cause a delay in the process of straightening the teeth each time the patient takes them out.

Therefore, additional pauses result in longer delays and can lead to an increase in the overall time needed to straighten your teeth with these aligners. The treatment course would be longer than usual if one did not wear aligners for the required time.

Is Invisalign Taking Longer Time for Adults?

Speaking more generally, the greatest gap size of around 6 mm is closed in 24 months, occasionally longer. A smaller gap would be filled more quickly.

A case of mild crowding, such as the one discussed previously, can be resolved and straightened up in six to twelve months. Therefore, if you are an adult and believe it takes longer for adults than children, you are creating a myth.

Everyone’s body and state of oral health are unique. Adults may or may not require more time for Invisalign than children. Everything is based on several variables and varies from patient to patient.

Assuring Speedy Straightening with Quality Treatments

The greatest course of action would be to contact the top orthodontist if you want a detailed time-based plan to be built out. Therefore, schedule a consultation immediately to be aware of all time-based aspects of your Invisalign treatment.