airbrush makeup kit

Have you always dreamt of a flawless makeup application that makes your face look glamorous like those Hollywood Goddesses but fail to do so because you are still stuck with hand tools like sponges and brushes and you spend hours perfecting those touch-ups? Well, you can now have flawless, poreless, and impeccable makeup on your face without going extravagant. Thanks to the very effective and easy-to-use airbrush makeup. 

Many women who have been using sponges and brushes to apply eyeshadow, foundations, and highlighters will think that airbrush makeup is a new kid on the block but they will be surprised to know that these makeup tools have been used in Hollywood for the past 70-80 years. Yes, they are that old and still not a part of your wardrobe. 

A single purchase of an airbrush makeup kit can completely change the way you used to apply makeup and you saw yourself in the mirror. Doesn’t matter whether you are a full-makeup lover or a light makeup fiend, you are going to fall in love with airbrush makeup just after a single use. 

But before you scour the internet and add the best airbrush for makeup, here are a couple of things you should know about it. 

They last longer than traditional makeup 

One of the most important benefits of airbrush makeup that will make you a fan of it is its ability to last longer than traditional makeup. Doesn’t matter whether you have oily skin, doesn’t matter whether it is raining outside and whether it is summer or spring season, the airbrush makeup is going to stay there without any smudging for the entire day. 

If you are tired of leaving the party for foundation touch-ups and if you are always worried about your makeup dissipating with time, the best airbrush for makeup can become your savior. You will be surprised to know that airbrush makeup can last for 12 hours. In some cases, it lasts even longer than this. 

You need to hold it a couple of inches away from your face

If you have ever heard any woman complaining about the heavy application of makeup whenever they use airbrush guns, it is because they are using it wrong. When you use an airbrush makeup gun too close to the skin, the concentration of the makeup product increases, and this is what makes the makeup layer thick. 

Watch an airbrush makeup artist and you will see her holding the airbrush gun at least 5-6 inches away from the face. This is what allows an even spray on the face and you get a sheer layer of the makeup product with the right concentration. If you feel like you need more coverage, you can go for another layer. 

The working of an airbrush gun 

If you have ever seen an airbrush makeup artist using an airbrush gun like a piece of art, you must have thought about how this makeup magic wand works. Well, when you buy an airbrush makeup application kit, you get an airbrush gun with it and this is the tool used to spray makeup products on your face. 

The airbrush gun needs to be preloaded with makeup products specially designed for such guns. You can’t just use your regular makeup product like foundation since it will be too thick to be used in the gun. The gun comes with a compressor that comes with a medical-grade tube and nozzle for even and smooth flow. 

You can get an HD makeup look 

Just like the name suggests, the use of airbrush makeup evenly sprays the makeup product on your face and gives you a flawless finish that looks natural and lasts longer than your normal makeup products. When used in the right way, an airbrush makeup application kit can be used on even the most important days of your life like your wedding. 

The best thing about using airbrush makeup for your wedding is you are going to get the same perfect look in almost every picture clicked from any angle. Achieving an HD makeup look for your marriage will no longer be an extravagant affair. 

Requires little makeup products 

If you are fed up with spending money on makeup products since they are devoured by your skin while using hand tools, an airbrush makeup application kit can solve this problem. Since the makeup products are sprayed on the face, the amount of makeup product used in such cases is always less than you usually consume while using brushes or sponges. This is not known to many women who are new to airbrush makeup application routines

An airbrush makeup application kit can become the most valuable addition to your makeup box as it is easy to use, lasts longer, and is perfect for women with oily skin as well. Not to mention, it is weatherproof and waterproof as well.