Magnolia Flower Drawing

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How to Draw A Magnolia Flower. For lovers of gorgeous flowers, there is an endless variety to choose from. Whether you prefer a rose’s bold assertion or a lily’s elegance, there’s something for everyone.

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The magnolia flower falls between these two extremes as it has a great structure with beautifully subtle colours and elements.

Because of this, people love to depict them in artwork, and if you learn how to draw a Magnolia Flower, you can do the same.

Make sure you read each step in this guide to see how you can recreate this amazing flower too!

How to Draw A Magnolia Flower

Step 1

In this first part of our guide to drawing a magnolia flower, we’ll start with the stem and the first few leaves of the flower.

You can draw the stem with a thick, irregular line that forms a sharp angle, like the stem in our reference image.

Then you can tighten the first leaf punching out from the base of the flower. The leaf has a rough, rounded outline with a pointed tip.

Then you can draw some line detail on the inward edges and draw a central vein for the leaf.

Finally, draw two large rounded petals on this leaf for this step. The last thing to draw is two more leaves on the right side.

Step 2

In this next step, you will draw the rest of the first flower in your Magnolia Flower design. This will be built on top of the petals you drew in the previous step.

This flower consists of several layers of petals. So try to build on the individual petals you see in the reference image to create the entire first flower.

Now that we’ve drawn the first flower, we can move on to the leaves you drew in the last step.

Add more line details on the leaves, and you can move on to step 3!

Step 3

As we continue with this tutorial on how to draw a magnolia flower, we’ll add more leaves on a stem.

These leaves are longer and thinner than most of the others you’ve drawn in this guide.

Aside from those details, they look the same! These leaves connect to a central stalk extending from the top of the flower head.

This stem won’t be visible, but We will draw it with the same thick, irregular line you used for the main stem.

Finally, start drawing another stem as well, but try to keep it short, as we’ll be putting a flower on it shortly.

Step 4

That magnolia flower design of yours looks amazing! For this step and the next, we’ll add more flowers to the image to complete it.

Let’s add a flower to the short stem you drew in the previous step.

This one also has leaves at the base and layers of petals, but it’s smaller and thinner than the other flowers.

Then he will move on to the final details in the next step!

Step 5

We’ll finish the drawing on how to draw a magnolia flower guide by adding another flower to the stem.

So you can colour your beautiful drawing in the last step! For now, draw another flower on the main stem.

Draw A Magnolia Flower

This will also look a little different than the first flower you drew, as it is at a different angle.

This flower is about the same size as the first but becomes more rounded when viewed from the side. It also means we won’t see the inside of this one.

Once you have drawn this flower, you can add background elements or ideas to complete it and give it your touch!

Step 6

We mentioned in the introduction that this flower is a beautiful subtle colour. So we chose this Magnolia Flower design in our example image.

Magnolia Flower Drawing

This means we used soft yellows for the petals and greens for the leaves and stems.

If you love this colour combination, use it in your picture! You can even use some unique colours if you prefer.

Experimenting with different artistic tools and mediums can be fun, so get creative!

Your Magnolia Flower Drawing is Finished!