Wearing a Kurti is about looking flawless and embracing tradition and the history of India. Indian wear is known for not only being comfortable and flattering on any body type, but also for enhancing a wearer’s appearance and giving them the confidence to do anything.

Looking stunning in a stylish designer kurti should be a manageable task for women. However, there is a checklist that every woman should follow when dressing in a designer kurti. Some guidelines are provided by SM Creation, an online wholesaler of designer kurtis.

Key Points to Note:

Prep Your Skin

Designer Kurtis can be very light or very heavy. The weight of the kurti depends on the type of material used to make the kurti, the amount of design work done, and if there are any inner seams to the kurti.

Most designer kurtis are made of silk or chiffon and are usually uncomfortable to wear for long periods due to the itching. For this reason, ensure to prepare your skin or wear a slip to prevent rashes and any discomfort.

Wear Appropriate Leggings

A designer kurti alone is not enough to complete a look. What is required is the right pairing of leggings with the kurti to complement one another. The better the overall look, the more comfortable and complementary an outfit is to the designer kurti without taking away its luster.

For kurtis, the most appropriate type of leggings would be slacks or churidars. These are the most comfortable and complement the overall look perfectly.


Nothing brings a look together better than the type of accessories chosen to complement it. For Indian wear, accessories are a must. With designer clothes, not having or wearing accessories is as good as committing a crime. For Indian wear, traditional and trending accessories are preferable.

Wearing gold, silver, pearls, or oxidized jewelry is the preferred choice for women. Not to mention that statement pieces like choker necklaces and long, heavy earrings are a trend that’s here to dominate the Indian wear industry.

Designer kurtis deserve adoration with more than just a necklace and earrings. We at SM Creation also recommend that women club their attire with payals or a nath or something a little extra to get that complete look. Accessories can make or break an entire outfit, so it is important to choose the type of accessory that best fits them.

Be Confident

Just like accessories, a person’s confidence is of paramount importance when it comes to pulling off wearing designer kurtis. One should feel comfortable in what they are wearing and consider their attire to be a part of them.

Confidence is key to slaying the designer kurti look in any setting. Also, when women find the right type and color of kurti for them, their confidence skyrockets. So, make sure to buy the perfect type of designer kurti according to your skin color.

Best Place to Purchase a Designer Kurti

Designer kurtis are in high demand. With kurtis being a staple at home and in the workplace, designer kurtis are only different in the way that they look. One distinctive factor is the work that goes into making a designer kurti. Since designer kurtis have an upper edge in terms of their style, they should only be purchased from the best wholesale kurti seller in India.

The best part about online purchases is the variety of options that are available to the wearer. Online designer kurti catalogs make it so that customers get to know all the different designs and patterns that are available. Online websites also have a great recommendation and comparison filters to bring nothing but the best to the customer.

We at SM Creation recommend going with a wholesale online kurti website for purchasing designer kurtis. The reason? Here are some points on why wholesale kurtis are a much better option compared to branded ones:

  • Wholesale designer kurti sites have more options compared to branded stores in the variety of kurtis that are available. While some stores only have one style of kurti, wholesale stores list an array of patterns, colors, and styles to make it easier for customers.
    • Wholesale kurti stores are far cheaper compared to branded stores. The affordability factor makes these types of stores the go-to destination for women when they decide to make a purchase.
    • When purchasing from a good online wholesale designer kurti website, the entire experience is thrilling. compared to other e-commerce or apparel websites, wholesale websites imbibe a different customer experience for everyone.

    Lastly, the most important reason why people purchase from a wholesale store is because of the quality of available products. In retrospect, even big brands make their first purchase from wholesale stores and then later add their twist to make the clothes stand out. Wholesale stores are equivalent to providing the best quality of products that the market has to provide.