car dash cam
car dash cam

A dash cam is any driver’s best friend when the vehicle is being driven and parked. As the year progresses, dashboard cameras are increasing in popularity and value. These gadgets come with lots of benefits. According to studies, one in every five drivers confesses to improved driving with a dash cam in the car. They are a great investment, and thus underlies the importance of buying the right one in the first place. 

But how do you do that? Choosing the right car dash cam for your car can be challenging if you are unsure. But with the above features, you will have the right guidance in picking the perfect dashboard camera for your car in 2023.

GPS Tracking

Many dashboard cameras do not have GPS information. However, nowadays, some advanced models come equipped with GPS tracking technology. Thus, one can determine the location of an incident that occurred while driving. An incident that is unreported when the car is parked becomes identifiable.

Offline Data Storage

Most dashboard cameras come with an SD card that keeps saving all the recordings until you decide to erase them manually. Moreover, some advanced types also have cloud storage capability. Cloud backup for videos is available, along with easy access to them whenever necessary. 

Therefore, when choosing a car dash cam, always consider the kind of storage it has. In addition, the continuous loop recording may not be ideal as it involves overwriting existing videos with new ones unless you change the setting.

Video Quality

Get a dashboard camera that captures all that happens around or within your car in High Definition (HD), one that lets you see the recorded video and saves you while claiming insurance for an unwanted accident. Trying out UHD, which is twice an HD cam, can be the best option if you want something better.

Night Vision And Parked Mode Recording

When getting a dash cam for a car, it is best to pick one with night mode and parked mode recording. Anything can happen when your car is parked or at night, and you need a camera that can capture every detail, even in darkness. 

The best dashboard camera can record from 120 to 180 degrees in the field of view. You can get details of what’s happening at your car’s sides when parked or at night. Furthermore, it also helps capture any accidents or intruders trying to break into your car at night from any side.

Front And Rear Cameras

It is always best to have both external and internal camera capabilities in the car. The rear-facing camera can help you get into a parking position in reverse. The front-facing camera will help keep an eye on the passengers and help with driver maintenance alerts. This protects the driver in case of a false claim and keeps them alert while on the road. This is vital for trucking companies because they have to cover long distances under different conditions.

Wi-Fi And Live Video Streaming

When getting a dash cam for a car, it is best to get one with Wi-Fi capabilities. You can capture and save all the recordings on other devices or your phone. Additionally, you can see what is happening inside and outside your car in real-time and from anywhere. With Wi-Fi and live streaming, you can choose what you want to share.

Buying a dashboard camera is one of the best choices and investments for your car in 2022. They will be the judge to set you free or convict you in case of an accident or road-related incident. So, with these features in mind, it is time to get out there and get the best dashboard cam for your car.

Remember, you can also consult with a security camera expert for concerns or questions you might have. They will help guide you in the right direction and even give you some of the best recommendations of dashboard cameras they believe works best.

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