Webinars are in growing demand more than ever. With the growth of online customer-oriented services, their role in the marketing industry took a very sharp turn of growth. With smart technologies entering the market every day, it is important to cope with smart selling & promoting strategies.

In this blog, we will be covering major facts & insights about the online webinar platforms which were on the trend recently. We will also be explaining the webinar & its use in marketing.

Webinars-All you need to Know in 2023

A webinar is basically a live online video conference or an online video presentation. These are one of the most popular interactive platforms which are loaded with features like – frequently asking questions, real-time feedback, sharing information in the form of audio & visuals, and much more.

With the help of the webinar platform, businesses are growing at a fast rate with expanding customer base on a large scale with no geographical barrier whatsoever.

Webinars can be pre-recorded or hosted live thus depending on the type of requirement by the organizers. Most businesses use webinars to reach a larger audience at scattered locations. It is considered to be the best way to increase the potential customer count for any business.

How are webinars used in marketing?

Webinars are mostly broadcasted to a group of individuals and are recorded so that the audience is able to view the content. They are also known as webcasts, online seminars, or online events.

Most of the on-demand webinars contain hosts who provide audio & visual presentations likewise PowerPoint etc. This can also be broadcasted with the help of web conferencing software that permits the interaction between the host & audience.

Webinars are considered to be a powerful marketing strategy because of the reason that they are positioned as educational events, brand promotional campaigns, and much more.

Because fact these platforms require the signup and invitation process which results in getting detailed information from the curious audience for more affiliate marketing purposes.

Here are some of the most popular webinar statistics which will surely be going to help you in tuning up with the recent trends and making modifications that are required –

Webinars are vital for Marketers

  • Online Webinars are a treat for business marketers, with more than 95 % of them seeing it as an important formula to boost their marketing efforts.
  • Based on research conducted on a scale of 5, webinars were rated as 3.08 by most marketers which clearly shows how important the role they are playing in making digital communications.

Relying for Promotion

  • Based on a recent survey, it has been found that more than 60 % of marketers thus used webinars as a promotional tool for their business.
  • Studies have shown that in the range of 2-5 % of the attendee thus actually purchase the product at the end of the session.

Use by B2B Customers

  • In a recent survey, it has been shown that most B2B marketers are often relying on webinar live streaming services more than most other virtual events.
  • More than 65 % of the companies have hosted their webinar events in the last year.

Increase in the Number

  • Studies show that more than 58 % of companies had hosted more than 50 webinars in a year.
  • The percentage of companies running more than 150 webinars per year has increased significantly to 30 % of the total.
  • For educational events, more than 93 % of the institutions had relied on webinar shows according to the webinar benchmark reports.

The trend in the Pharma Sector

  • As per the webinar marketing statistics, the average attendee rate has grown to 46%.
  • The attendee rate for the financial sector has come close to the previous benchmark of the pharmacy sector of 61%.
  • Saas stands in the middle of the race with the percentage of 46% participation rate.

Webinar Registrations

  • Most of the studies have shown that the maximum registration process for webinar events occurs to happen on Tuesdays.
  • Registrations on the live webinar platform have declined on weekends (i.e. Saturdays, sundays)

Email as an Effective Tool

  • Emails are rated as the most effective tool for webinar promotion.
  • Recent surveys have been conducted and the results show that more than 14 % of the registrations occurs to happen through leading social media platforms such as linekdIn, Youtube, Facebook etc.

Registrations on the Day of the Webinar

  • For increasing the attendee count for the event, you are should send an email reminder to the attendees just on the day of the event.
  • Research showed that more than 33 % of the registrations happened on the day of the webinar.

Best Day for Webinar Online

  • In a recent study, it has been claimed that “Thursday” is the best day of the week to host your webinar session.
  • Thursdays had an attendee rate of more than 19 % while Wednesdays were on second by just a single margin of 1 %.

Prime Times for Hosting Webinars

  • Afternoons have been considered as the prime times for hosting your event, in order to accommodate viewers from different time zones.
  • Especially between 2,3 & 4 p.m. your event should be hosted to grab the maximum attention of the public.

Duration of Webinar Sessions

  • Trends showed that 60-minute webinar sessions attract more viewers rather than just a 30-minute session.
  • In general, ninety minutes sessions are more suitable for the sharing of presentations with attendees.

Results of Too Much Marketing

  • Results show that there has been a lot of content depth misalignment, length as well as the presenters lacking the authority of relevance, all standing at 55 %.


Sharing unique as well as valuable content is equally important for a successful webinar session as choosing the right webinar live streaming services.

In every case starting from the marketing point of view, and educational point of view to making interactions with viewers around the world for better exposure to the global market, webinars have now become an integral element of business life.