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When it comes to cleaning, most people assume they’re doing all they can. However, if you step back and really look at your cleaning routine, there are likely several areas in which you can improve in order to truly keep your home or business clean. Not only will improving your cleaning habits lead to a cleaner place overall, but also a healthier one that’s better to live and work in! Use this article as an opportunity to reassess how clean your home or business really is—and then use the advice below to get it even cleaner!

In a recent survey, over half of respondents said they spend hours each week cleaning. Of those, three out of five said that even after all that work, their home isn’t perfectly clean. If you’re struggling to keep your home clean and in tip-top shape, here are some strategies to try. And if you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to get professional help keeping your home super clean and fresh – turn to Jacobsens Rengøring (jacobsens-rengøring).

Don’t make excuses

If you are busy, you can be just as productive and efficient if you schedule time for cleaning. Even if you clean for only an hour a day, that’s 168 more hours of cleanliness per year! If you don’t want to commit to a set time every day, look at your schedule and find some blocks of free time—such as commuting to work in silence, waiting in line at the post office or standing in line with kids at school pickup—and dedicate them to professional cleaning services. Not sure how much it costs? There are now many websites like that make price comparison easy – comparing Rengøringsfirma is easier than ever before!

Find time in your schedule

Working around a busy schedule is hard. It takes time, effort and planning to get things done while still making time for everything you need to do—which is why we’ve built an app called Let Jacobsens Rengøring do all of it for you! Whether you need help cleaning your home or business on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, we have a plan that will work best for your lifestyle. Here’s how Let Jacobsens Rengøring works: Simply create an account and choose your cleaning frequency (i.e., once per week). When we send our cleaners to you on one of these schedules, we give them access to our app so they can unlock your home without having to meet you in person.

Hire professionals (full time, part-time, seasonal)

When you’re running a business, cleaning often falls by the wayside. Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur or just trying to keep your home sparkling, hiring professional cleaners can save you time and stress. And when you’re running a startup, every second counts. Plus, hiring professionals allows for consistency: if customers see your space is always clean and cared for, that reflects well on your brand.

Create a plan

A cleaning schedule will help ensure your home or business is always clean. It’s surprisingly easy to let cleaning slip, but having a schedule means you won’t forget to do things like dust and vacuum. When writing your plan, include a detailed list of everything that needs to be cleaned and when it should be done (i.e., everyday after dinner) to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Remember to leave room for routine touch-ups between scheduled cleanings, such as wiping down countertops after meals or vacuuming every other day instead of once a week. Once you’ve created your schedule, post it on a prominent wall where everyone in your household can see it—even if there’s only one cleaner in your home!