Matheran Jungle


The most beautiful Jungle Camping and adventure at Matheran are proudly presented by Sand2Mountain and Rejuvenate camping. It is renowned for both its maintained colonial architecture and warm climate. Since driving is prohibited, many people arrive on the 1907 Neral-Matheran Toy Train, a narrow-gauge railway. We can see the Western Ghats mountains from the Panorama Point overlook. Views of waterfalls and the historic Prabal Fort are available from Louisa Point. It is renowned for its flora and fauna, biodiversity, and as a beautiful area to spend time in nature. Garbett Point and Alexander Point are the best places to visit nearby. The beautiful thing is that one may travel to Matheran at any time for a relaxing experience in the summer, a snug stays in the winter, or the most picturesque waterfall experience in the rainy season.


Only 110 kilometers from Pune and 80 kilometers from Mumbai, Matheran Hill Station is one of the strangest places. This fabulous campsite sits nearby Neral and remains undiscovered, making it ideal for a fantastic weekend vacation. You can camp here and fully use nature while still being close to the crowded Lonavala.

In order to escape the chaos and mayhem of the city, it’s necessary to leave for a quick weekend break. The camping at Matheran Hill Station is unique in that it offers its guests a variety of hitherto unseen views of picturesque splendor. You’ll be able to camp in the wilderness at the campsite. 

The phrase “camping in Matheran” is accurate. You can have the most bizarre adventures while camping in the Matheran jungle. Near the campsite, there is some fascinating flora and fauna. You will get to experience nature firsthand and spend some time in its embrace. Camping will make the vacation worthwhile and provide a change of pace and view from all of your typical weekend adventures because there is greenery around.

The area close to the campsite is serene and refined. You may enjoy the most breathtaking sunsets soothed by the calm, peaceful air. The air is so clean and pure that you can feel it. You may witness the magnificent dawn in the morning. Additionally, you may see the stunning Sahyadri mountains of the western ghat.

Because of the hypnotic beauty, rejuvenating sensation, comfortable accommodation, stunning views, lush foliage, natural surroundings, and many other things, this camping trip will be unforgettable.


Matheran Market is 85 kilometers (km) from Mumbai and 120 kilometers (km) from Pune. All days, special batches on the weekends, Approximately two days and one night. Reserve the package, a minimum of two individuals, are needed. Extra charges for children between the ages of 7 and 12. Children under the age of seven can enter for free. Check-out is at 11:00 am, and check-in is at 3:00 pm. The camp will also provide beds, pillows, and blankets in camping tents that sleep three people each.


The campground is about 120 km (80 km) from Pune and 80 km (120 km) from Mumbai. It is conveniently accessible via public or private transportation.


Day 1

When you arrive at the campsite, say hello to the camp leaders and take in the surroundings. Grab a delectable meal of the regional cuisine in the afternoon and participate in activities like archery and rifle shooting. The evening snacks are available starting at 5:00 pm, and you can hear live music in the forest’s heart starting at 7:00 pm. Get your team together at night and enjoy meals by the campfire. You can enjoy the Forest DJ Party starting at 10:00 pm. You can watch a movie outside in the forest at 1:00 am, then get ready for the midnight trek.

Reduce Day 1’s Schedule

Day 2

leaving the campground

8:00 am – Wake-up call; take in the chirping of the birds and the morning breeze. Enjoy the delectable breakfast at 9:00 am, and check out at 10:00 am with many fond memories.

Schedule for Day 2 collapse


Outdoor/Indoor sports

 a bonfire

 live music on Saturdays

a movie showing

 music and dancing

 a photo booth

 archery, and rifle shooting

 team-building activities

 a night hike


The camp will provide you: Security, a mattress, pillows, blankets, parking, a dome tent stay, a photo booth, mineral water, a restroom (Western), pick-up and drop-off services, and first-aid supplies.


Enjoy this exciting camping trip with your group and take in the scenic Western Ghats Sahyadri mountains. Witness a stunning fusion of natural landscapes, including waterfalls, forests, and grasslands, and relax. Enjoy a relaxing stay with your friends and family at the campsite, which is fully furnished with contemporary amenities like restrooms, power backup, and more.