hospitality course

An overview of the hotel industry

Hotel management  were not as common in the past as they are now. Some inns provided the guests with basic services like lodging, linens, etc. People increasingly utilize hotels for leisure and opulent vacations, which represents a gradual change in the reasons people stayed there. The hotel industry offered opulent amenities like spas, swimming pools, gyms, and restaurants, among others. This encouraged visitors to upgrade their lodging and enjoy the amenities by paying extra.

The hotel industry’s revenue significantly increased. The reason for this is that the hotel’s level of service quality was significantly higher than previously. Due to this, industry titans in the hotel industry were inspired to develop novel ideas. 


The expansion of the travel sector also assisted hotels in expanding their capacity. Additionally, the hotel industry benefited greatly from technological advancements. Hotels may now be ordered from virtually anywhere in the globe. Through the use of images and reviews, the internet also gives visitors a general overview of hotels.

The reason for visiting a hotel has changed, though. The expectations of the visitors have evolved along with the pleasure they wanted. Every hotel interface has a significant impact. The hotel’s personnel were viewed as representing the establishment. They contributed to the development of the hotel’s renown.

In the hotel industry, this is how the need for professionals grew. They desired someone qualified to represent the hotel and offer visitors an opulent experience.

Students may contribute to the hotel sector by taking a course in hotel management. A professional is required to provide the visitor with exceptional services, especially in luxury hotels. You learn the skill of managing hotels and other hotel departments in a hotel management course.

Which program and institution should you join to complete a study in hotel management?

The hotel sector has grown significantly during the past few years. The benefits of staying at a hotel have evolved as additional amenities are now expected in addition to accommodations. The hotel sector needed experts who met hotel standards to supply these features. The face of the hotel is its staff. Without a doubt, the hotel business is expanding quickly.

Institutes must step up their game if they want to serve this business. A quality hotel management institute will be able to meet the demands of the hospitality industry. Therefore, you should enroll in the top Institute for the Hotel Management course you want to take.

It is encouraged for students to enroll in a degree program that will allow them to study the hotel business in-depth. A three-year, full-time hotel management degree is available from several institutions. However, there aren’t many universities that offer cutting-edge hotel management courses—especially those that emphasize a student’s personality development.


One such institution that provides distinct courses is ITM-IHM. Additionally, it places more emphasis on the pupils’ development of new abilities. Six distinct hotel management courses are offered by the institution. Through its Bachelor of Arts in International and Tourism Management and Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts programs, it enables students to investigate global opportunities. Every Hotel Management course provided at ITM has a custom curriculum created with the latest industry trends and technical advancements in mind.

The school promotes pupils stepping outside of their comfort zone. This is accomplished by inspiring them to organize and host an event. At ITM-IHM, the students will have one of the greatest three years of their college careers. Guest lecturers are present. Visits to businesses are planned.

What positions are available to graduates of hotel management?

After finishing the Hotel Management program, a variety of fascinating employment positions are available. The workplace is interesting and enjoyable! You will have the opportunity to contact fresh individuals every day, and your work will never become boring!

View the positions you may apply for here:

  • Administration Trainee
  • Restaurant Director
  • Chef
  • Event coordinator
  • banquet revenue
  • Bartender
  • deputy chief
  • Front desk supervisor
  • Travel advisor
  • Air Host
  • Ticketing Supervisor

You can look at a variety of professions in the hotel industry. You’ll break out of your shell and develop your individuality to the fullest extent feasible in this field.

Understanding what the hotel industry expects of new graduates in hotel management

The goal of staying at a hotel is to have a wonderful and relaxing time. As a result, students are being prepared to offer customers high-quality service through Hotel Management programs offered throughout India. Here are some qualities hotel guests look for in staff members:

Excellent service

Each hotel visitor wants to be handled differently. Nobody wants to feel average these days. To ensure that the guest receives high-quality services, specialists are needed. Giving each visitor a customized experience leads to positive feedback for the hotel.

Good character

One of the most crucial criteria of the hotel sector is maintaining good grooming at all times. The hotel’s face is its staff. As a result, you will learn the value of constantly keeping your appearance presentable in the Hotel Management course.

Putting the client first

Visitors are a crucial component of the hotel. Meeting all of the hotel customers’ expectations should be your first concern. This aids in attracting repeat clients. To improve customer satisfaction, keep your guests interested and motivate them to utilize the hotel’s many amenities.

Adept with technology

Huge technical advancements have been made in the hotel industry. Hotel reservations are now much simpler thanks to services like Gibibo and MakeMyTrip. The hotel business has used a variety of software. Nowadays, everything you see in the hotel is automated. The industry anticipates that you are knowledgeable about current hotel technology advancements. Students can do an internship as part of their Hotel Management program.